Even after boycott brahmastra, brahmastra broke many box office records

There was a lot of boycotts to the film Brahmastra, due to boycott brahmastra many cinema lovers have been hesitant to watch the film Brahmastra, but even after boycott brahmastra, brahmastra has done business of crores of rupees worldwide.

Even today, the film Brahmastra, which has topped the trading list across the country, is earning good earnings across the country. The multi starrer film Brahmastra, which released on 3894 screens by making good collections not only across the country but also abroad, is registering great figures of earnings at the box office. Bollywood has returned to the box office with a collection of just two days of release.

For information, let us tell you that this film has collected around Rs 78.50 crore in just 2 days across the country. There are reports of good collection of this film not only at the Indian box office but also in the overseas market.

Talking about the earnings of Brahmastra in Australia, on the first day this film collected a collection of 1.63 crores and on the second day there was an increase of 9% in the earning graph and this film collected a collection of 1.78 crores. In this way, Australia has earned 3.41 crores at the box office in two days.

Apart from this, the film, which released on 31 screens in New Zealand, has earned around Rs 39.17 lakh in two days. At the New Zealand box office, the film has seen an increase of 42.16% on the second day as compared to the first day.

Make it clear to you that if the film is made well then no boycott gang can stop the film from becoming a super hit. PLC/GT


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