Book Review : Life is a Bitch” is an extraordinary ride on the vacillating roads of the life


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“Life is a Bitch” is an extraordinary ride on the vacillating roads of the life. The journey is amazing as well as heart touching.It’s a story of Kumar, asimple and hardworking call centre executiveending up being a truck driver.The story begins in a truck- in an extremely cold night- on a deserted highway of Northern India.

Kumar is born and brought up in humble middle class family in Mumbai. He grows up to be a simple, jovial but highly sensitive youngster. He is happy with his life with no complaints whatsoever.

Kumar’s trouble begins when he enters in to real life after completing his education. He finds the real life totally different than what he had envisioned. He feels suffocated and frustrated in this environment of cut throat competition, jealousy and politics in professional life to achieve success.

Because of his inability to adapt to the ways of the world, Kumar starts lagging behind in almost all aspects of his life including finding a true love.

One night, sitting sad and dejected at the railway platform of Dadar and observing daily struggle of people around him, he reaches to the conclusion that “life is a bitch.”

Not being able to be ‘practical,’ Kumar feels that he is unfit within the contemporary social and professional set up.  In a highly frustrated state of mind, one day heelopes from his present life and starts living in isolation at one of the picturesque beaches of Goa.  Here, the beach accidently turns in to his ground zero where he learns and unlearns various lessons of life.

Author has skilfully moved the story from Mumbai to beach of Goa, from beach to the Highways of India and from highways to the Facebook.    Perhaps he is the first writer who has used Facebook, the most powerful social media in storytelling and has exploredits potential of making an ordinary individual, an overnight hero.

With astonishingtwists and turns the story further take the readers for a short ride into theglittering world of Bollywood and eventually concludes at one of the most charming cities of the world,Singapore with a message that everything in life is transitory, including life itself.

At the beginning, I found Character of Kumar too simple, too ordinary to write a book about. But as the story further unfolded, I realised that this is a story of a common man, for a common man and by a common man. Kumar symbolises the life, aspirations and dreams of millions of youth of India. At times even I could relate myselfto Kumar and that is the success of Asmit Rathod as an author.

Also, with so manydiverse characters plying their due roles, the story never seems to stall.  I ended up with a big smile and joy in a heart after reading the last page. This book surely is aawesome read and highly recommended to the readers of all age group.

Asmit RathodAbout the author:

Asmit Rathod is a New Zealand citizen, currently living in Australia.  He has acquired post graduation degree in Journalism and Mass communication.  He is passionate about writing and intends to make writing as his full time career. His focus of writing is life in general and human relations in particular.  Apart from writing fictions he is fond of writing Poems/ Gazals as well,

“Life is a Bitch” is his debut book which dwells in to a brand new concept of life, derived from his observations and experiences acquired through extensively travelling to various countries and by meeting hundreds of people of various nationalities.  Currently he is working on two projects.

The first project is a fiction titled “Incomplete manuscript”, which is a lovestory of a middle class girl from Banaras. He intends to publish this book in English as well as in Hindi.  The Second project is a horror/ thriller film script, tentatively titled “Anhoni”.  Author is very much keen to make entry in to Bollywood as well.  He has recently created his website where he will be blogging regularly.


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