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Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises Turnaround Award 2010

INVC,, Delhi,, Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE) Turnaround Award 2010 ceremony was held in SCOPE, here today. The Awards were given by Hon’ble Chairman, Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE), Dr. Nitish Sengupta. TheCentral Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) awarded are BBJ Construction Company Ltd., Bharat Pumps and Compressors Ltd., Braithwaite & Company Ltd., Bridge & Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Cement Corporation of India Ltd., Central Electronics Ltd., Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd., Hindustan Insecticides Ltd., MECON Ltd., Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd. and State Farms Corporation of India Ltd. These erstwhile sick/loss making CPSEs have made profits consecutively for the 3 FY—2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 after receiving financial assistance from Government on the recommendation of BRPSE. Till date BRPSE has considered 67 cases and recommended revival of 59 CPSEs and closure of 3 CPSEs envisaging total assistance of Rs. 34800 crores. Government of India (GOI) has approved revival of 40 CPSEs and closure of 2 CPSEs envisaging total assistance of Rs. 23,612 crore, benefitting 1.71 lakh employees. Chairman, BRPSE stated that emphasis has been more on empowerment and enablement rather than on mere cash infusion. He also assured that BRPSE will recommend all necessary assistance to the sick CPSEs in their endeavour to turnaround. He hoped that more and more sick CPSEs will turnaround and join the family of turnaround CPSEs in 2011. Other speakers included Shri Chewang Phunsog, Chairman, PESB, Shri Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman, SCOPE and CMD, NTPC, Shri Bhaskar Chatterjee, Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises and Shri Arvind Pande, Member, BRPSE, Dr. Dr. U.D. Choube, DG, SCOPE and Smt. Stuti Kacker, Secretary, BRPSE.



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