Blessings from temple flowers: What to do and what not to do with temple flowers


Ayodhya  : When we visit the divine abode of God, we are often bestowed with the sacred blessings of flowers by the temple priests. These flowers, infused with divine grace, hold significant spiritual importance. However, once these tokens of divine favor dry up, many find themselves at a loss regarding their appropriate disposition. There exists a religious belief that mishandling these sacred flowers can invite inauspicious outcomes. Hence, it becomes imperative to understand the sacred protocols surrounding the handling of temple flowers.

#### **Preserve the Sanctity: Keeping God’s Flowers Safe at Home**

If you’ve been privileged to receive flowers as Prasad from the temple, it’s essential to accord them the reverence they deserve. The tradition dictates that these blessed blooms should be kept safe, symbolizing a continuation of the divine blessings within one’s home. To ensure their preservation and amplify their auspiciousness, consider wrapping them in a **red cloth** and placing them securely in the confines of your house. This act not only safeguards the sanctity of the flowers but also purportedly catalyzes an increase in prosperity, as per prevailing beliefs.

#### **Immersing in Divine Grace: Submerging Temple Flowers in Water**

For those who opt not to bring temple flowers home, an alternative yet equally reverential approach exists. Rather than consigning them to mundane disposal, immerse them in water, thereby fostering a symbolic communion with the divine. This act of submergence is considered a floral offering, symbolizing a respectful return of the divine blessings to their source. Embrace the symbolism of this act, as it aligns with the ethos of reverence and gratitude integral to religious practices.

#### **Transformation Through Compost: Harnessing the Energy of Sacred Flowers**

The journey of temple flowers doesn’t conclude with their physical demise. Rather than relegating them to the banality of household waste, consider repurposing them into a potent source of fertility and spiritual energy. By transforming these flowers into compost, one initiates a profound alchemical process, wherein the divine energy imbued within the blooms is transmuted into nourishment for the earth. The resulting compost, infused with the transformative energy of Saturn, serves as a potent fertilizer, bestowing the blessings of Shani Dev upon your household garden.

#### **Harmony with Nature: Placing Temple Flowers Near Sacred Trees**

Another harmonious way to honor temple flowers is by placing them near sacred trees, such as the revered Peepal or Banyan tree. These ancient guardians of spirituality serve as conduits for divine energy, and by placing temple flowers near them, one fosters a symbiotic relationship between the earthly and the divine. However, it’s imperative to ensure cleanliness in the vicinity of these trees, lest the sanctity of the flowers be compromised. By adhering to these guidelines, one ensures that the sacred flowers find their rightful place in the cosmic tapestry, undiminished in their potency and significance.

In essence, the journey of temple flowers transcends their physical existence, imbued as they are with the divine essence. By adhering to sacred protocols and practices, one not only honors the sanctity of these blessed blooms but also cultivates a deeper connection with the divine. Whether preserved at home, immersed in water, transformed into compost, or placed near sacred trees, the journey of temple flowers is a testament to the enduring power of spirituality in our lives.

#### **Conclusion: Nurturing the Divine Connection**

In the intricate tapestry of religious observances, the handling of temple flowers occupies a sacred space, signifying a communion between the earthly and the divine. By adhering to age-old customs and practices, one ensures the preservation of divine blessings within the sanctum of their homes. Whether through preservation, immersion, transformation, or placement near sacred trees, the journey of temple flowers serves as a poignant reminder of our eternal connection with the divine.


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