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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Black money won't turn white just by depositing in banks: Amit Shah

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New Delhi,
Shah admitted that the people are facing inconveniences because of demonetisation but added, "this is for their bright future only."BJP president Amit Shah has said black money will not get converted into white just by depositing it in bank accounts. Speaking in Agenda Aaj Tak programme today, the BJP chief said, "There should be no confusion on the point that black money cannot turn white by depositing it in bank accounts. Money has come into the system as a result of demonetisation. Now, the government will examine this money and decide whether it is legal or illegal. The money would be taxed and penalised," he said. Shah, however, admitted that the people are facing inconveniences because of demonetisation. "But this is for their bright future only," he added. STEPS TO ERADICATE BRIBERY The BJP president said the country needs to take a giant leap. There is a need to push the economy forward. Each and every transaction has to be taxed. Few people had got accustomed to keeping themselves out of the tax net. "This will not happen any longer," he said. He said the money accruing through taxes would be deposited in the Prime Minister's Welfare Fund for the Poor. This money would be spent on welfare of the poor, he said, adding that the Narendra Modi government will find a way out to eradicate bribery. DEFENDING BJP'S LAND PURCHASE Replying to charges leveled by the Opposition on purchase of land by the BJP, Shah said demonetisation was not decided in 2015. It was a mere coincidence that some pieces of land were bought for BJP offices before demonetisation was implemented, he said. On the issue of UP Assembly, he said rules of the game should be the same for all. RETORT TO MANMOHAN SINGH On former prime minister Manmohan Singh's remarks, including demonetisation was an organised loot and legalised plunder, the BJP leader said he had immense respect for the Congress leader who had been Union finance minister and deputy chairperson of the then Planning Commission. "He (Manmohan Singh) was a part of the country's economic system from 1975 to 2014 but when he stepped down from power, 60 crore population did not have a single bank account," he said. WHO TAKES KEJRIWAL SERIOUSLY? Replying to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's "Pay to Modi" allegation, Shah retorted, "Do the people take him seriously?" Asked how much money was there in the country, the BJP chief said none would be left after December 30, which is the last date to deposit the scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes. NO PM AMBITIONS On his chances of becoming prime minister, Shah said, "It isn't my ambition. There are several senior leaders than me in the party. We are standing solidly standing with PM Narendra Modi."



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