Thursday, May 28th, 2020

BJP won’t allow Congress to exploit poor

The Bharatiya Janata party has strongly condemned Capt Amarinder Singh-led Congress government’s decision to cancel 35 lakh Blue Cards issued by erstwhile SAD-BJP government.

Tarun Chugh, the national secretary of the party, said the move would spell disaster for the poor who were availing benefit of Wheat at Rs.2 per kg and Daal at Rs.20 a kilogram.

He said that the BJP has no objection to the digitalization of Cards biut won’t allow Congress to exploit the sentiments of poor and downtrodden and take political benefit out of the process. 

Chugh said the Blue Cards issued under Atta-Daal Scheme during SAD-BJP regime were linked to Aadhaar Card in the year 2013 so that all genuine families below poverty line could get Atta and Daal at affordable prices. 

Questioning the government decision, Chugh said, if the government wanted to make the system more transparent and was opting for digitalization, it should not have announced to cancel the cards it had got verified after coming to power in 2017. 

The BJP leader slammed Congress government for putting brakes to the distribution of Atta Daal and creating confusion and problems for the underprivileged of the society.

“Instead of honouring his promise of providing Ghee, Tea, Sugar etc. as promised, Capt Amarinder has dealt a severe blow to the beneficiaries of Atta-Daal Scheme by cancelling their cards which enabled them to get Atta and Daal which they have been getting for last more than 12 years,” he said. 

Chugh said that Amarinder government, during last two years, had already inactivated nearly 40 percent of the Blue Cards and the recent decision to cancel 35 lakh cards in one go, would pave way for further exploitation of the poor at the hands of bureaucracy and Congress politicians in the name of re-verification of their antecedents.




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