BJP Reject the Baseless Allegations of Arvind Kejariwal’s party Aam Admi




The BJP completely rejects the baseless allegations made during a press conference by Shri Arvind Kejariwal of the Aam Admi Party on various issues related to the Gujarat government in general and Shri Narendra Modi in particular. Most issues raised by Shri Kejriwal have been investigated by the Shri M.B. Shah Commission. This Commission which was set up under the Commission of Enquiries Act and only recently the Commission has submitted its report and the Cabinet has accepted the report. Following in the tracks of the Congress Party, on the issue of the GSPC – KG Basin, Shri Kejriwal is also looking for a scandal where one doesn’t exist. Every contract issued or any contract cancelled are done with prior information of the Directorate of Hydro Carbon. So was it done in this matter too. This contract was cancelled in the year 2010. Not a rupee was given out to anyone in this matter. On land allocation in Gujarat for SEZs, questions have been raised. Gujarat adopts a transparent policy on valuation of land. Every allotment goes through an elaborate process before finalisation. First, a District Evaluation Committee evaluates the land. Then the Chief Town Planner counter checks it at the State head quarters. Then a high level Committee of Secretaries finalise the valuation. After this, a report is sent to the Cabinet for its approval. Even at that stage every effort is made to match the valuation with the market valuation of a neighboring land. In this process the district administration also participates. Thus there is an elaborate process which oversees such operation. In the year 2011 the Hon. Supreme Court had applauded the transparent process which is in place in Gujarat. The apex Court dismissed a PIL on the allotment of Gauchar lands. It is of importance to put on record here that land was given away at throw away prices by some earlier governments, sometimes even arbitrarily. Shri Shankar Singh Vagela’s government had given away 33 lakh square meters of land at Re.1/sq mtr. In one instance when the then Finance Minister had tried to give away 1.5 lakh sq mtrs of land at Re 1/sq mtr, the then Chief Minister Shri Vaghela overruled the Finance Minister and enhanced the allocation from 1.5 lakh sq mtrs to 3 lakh sq mtrs. All this without a transparent process of valuation. The process which prevailed then was completely arbitrary. The allotment at Re 1/sq mtr is not a feature under Shri Narendra Modi. Lands in Kutch given for SEZ are non cultivable, waste land, which get submerged during high tide. Due permission have also been obtained for them under the Coastal Regulatory Zone rules. We wish to assure that no land has been acquired from farmers by the Government of Gujarat for Adani. Lands given to Adanis for Port and Port back-up are on 30 years lease. Every year the lease rent is changed. After 30 years, this developed land will come back to the Government -ie to the Gujarat Maritime Board. Lands in Kutch cannot be compared to lands in Gandhinagar, an urban area where land is scarce. Another issue about allotting lands for residential purpose in Gandhinagar for MPs, MLAs, judges and bureaucrats has been raised by Shri Kejriwal. It is a scheme which has existed in Gujarat from Congress’ days. In the last five years Shri Narendra Modi has stopped giving plots to MLAs and MPs at concessional rates. This matter is sub-judice, in the Gujarat High Court. Land given to judiciary was a step taken by earlier governments. Allegations have also been made about power purchasing agreements.

A few facts in this regard :

1. The Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL) signed an agreement with
Adani Energy & Power on 02-02-2007.
2. Power was to be bought/supplied at Rs 2.35 per unit.
3. This rate then and even now is the lowest.
4. The rate of Rs 2.35 per unit still stands.
5. For want of environment clearance the coal from Naini coalfield allocated to
Gujarat could not serve the purpose.
6. Adanis, because they are importing coal, claimed loss and appealed to the
government of Gujarat for raising the price per unit. The Gujarat
government refused flatly.
7. Adanis appealed to the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission – GERC.
Even they rejected their appeal.

8. Furthermore the Appellate Tribunal, in Delhi, an appeal of Adanis as per the Electricity Act, also rejected their appeal.

So allegations on this count are completely false. The BJP states firmly that all assumptions and conclusions drawn by Shri Kejriwal are false and baseless. Gujarat is in the process of elections to its legislative assembly. Allegations at this time can only be politically motivated.


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