BJP is now fully involved in the mission election


BJP is now fully involved in the mission election

The BJP is now fully engaged in the ‘Mission Election’. BJP National President JP Nadda held several meetings one after the other in a hurried manner and directed the party organization to fully engage in the election mission.

JP Nadda, who returned to Delhi from a two-day stay in Kerala late on Monday, first held a meeting with the party’s state in-charges and co-in-charges on Tuesday morning to take stock of the party’s election preparations. It is being told that the newly appointed state in-charges of the party kept the report of the first tour of their respective states in the meeting, while the old in-charges apprised the party president about the working of their respective states.

In the meeting, measures were discussed to strengthen the organization and increase the support base in all the states, especially in the electoral states, and along with this, the strategy for the promotion of the achievements of the central government was discussed.

After this, JP Nadda in his second meeting reviewed the special Lok Sabha migration plan made for 144 Lok Sabha seats. Most of these 144 Lok Sabha seats are those on which BJP had lost by a very small margin or on which BJP has won once or twice before but had to face defeat in 2019.

Government ministers and some party leaders were given the special responsibility of migration for these seats. PLC/GT


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