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Sunday, April 18th, 2021

BJP is inducting those leaders in the party which are rejected the other parties : Bhupinder Singh Hooda

bhupinder singh hoodaINVC, Chandigarh, Haryana Chief Minister Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda today criticized his political opponents and detractors and also urged the people to take a pledge to teach a lesson to opportunists and those who insulted their elected representatives at Kaithal recently through the use of vote. The Chief Minister, who was addressing a mammoth Vijay Sankalp Rally at Panipat today where a resolution was passed to condemn the incident of Kaithal as some people had hooted at the official function being attended by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and Mr Hooda. He said that he had intelligence reports that trouble might be created by some people at the official function, but he did not believe such reports as he was of the view that nobody would create trouble as everybody would uphold the dignity of the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister said that he had been there to attend an official function of National Highways Authority of India, but questioned that who generated hooting at a function. He said, “Hooda had been to the official function, therefore where lies my fault. Was Hooda there in his personal capacity. In case today I call someone here and insult him, what will happen.” He said that but he upheld the dignity of the event as he belonged to a family of freedom fighters and is a son of a person who has put his signatures on the Constitution of India. He said that the insult which was meted out to him was of the entire state and the people in the state would not tolerate it. He said that the people in the state wanted to know that who were those who created trouble at the official function. He said that he was aware that people were annoyed because of the insult meted out to him, but he did not like their idea of not allowing any of those who had created trouble to enter any Chaupal. The Chief Minister urged the people not to insult them in such a way, but advised them to use the weapon of vote to take revenge from them. He also described the people of Haryana as his strength and also of the Congress party. Mr Hooda denied the allegations leveled by the INLD alleging that his government was corrupt and describing him as a ‘property dealer’ and ‘property grabber’. The Chief Minister challenged that if any of the allegations is proved, he would quit politics, but added that he would seek their answer in the court. He said that those who have been charge-sheeted were making such statements. He also referred to the statement of BJP President, Mr Amit Shah saying that they wanted to make the government on the basis of defectors. He also criticized his detractors saying that they were such people who had been praising for the last 16 years, but today they were saying that no work has been done. He described such people as opportunists adding, “Janta Sab Janti Hai” (People know everything). The Chief Minister exhorted the responsive crowd that if they wanted to serve democracy, they should take a pledge to teach a lesson to the opportunists. The Chief Minister reminded of the incident when some years ago, he was washed away in a tributary of the Ganges and when he was rescued, he had taken a pledge that he would continue to render selfless service to the society. He repeated the same pledge to continue to render selfless service to the people in the state throughout his life and that too without any fear and greed. Mr Hooda said that the BJP and the INLD should not mislead the people, but they should disclose the name of their candidate whom they would project as future Chief Minister. They should tell to which Constituency such a candidate belongs and from where he would contest. He said that ten years ago, before he formed the government in the state, they used to say that he would not be let become Chief Minister. If ever he is made, he being a gentleman politician, he would not last for more than six months. He said that instead of their speculations, he had a successful term of five years and even today he was Chief Minister, but questioned who went out of the party. He said that in 2009, the party had won only 40 seats and this had made the opponents think that how the Congress would form the government, but overnight the number was changed from 40 to 54. Thereafter, these opponents started saying that they would not let the government run. Mr Hooda made it clear that as he belonged to the family of politicians, where his father and grand-father were political leaders, he had learnt three aspects to remember which included, understanding of the feeling of masses, read their faces and look into their eyes while talking. He said that after the Lok Sabha elections, he has addressed 60 public meetings and he tried to understand the results of these elections. He found that there was only one reason that no one voted in favour of BJP because of its policy. Everybody is saying that as a matter of policy the BJP cannot be in favour of the farmers and the poor as it is the party of the capitalists. Therefore, on the basis of his own experience, he would say that the Congress would form the government in the state for the third consecutive term. He said that his vision is to make Haryana a model state in the world. The party has prepared its manifesto which would be released. The Chief Minister also challenged to give a befitting reply to the Central government if it tried to change the policies like MGNREGA and Right to Food Act. He said that ever since the BJP government has been formed at the Centre, they had been saying that such schemes would be reviewed. He reminded that the Sikhs in the state had been demanding for their right to serve the Gurus. The manifesto of the party included the formation of a separate Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee which has been fulfilled. In fact, the government has done more than the promised. He said that when he assumed office of the Chief Minister for the first time, there was lawlessness in the state, people used to demand ransom even from jails, there was concept of ‘rally-thaily’, the farmers were fired at, industry was migrating, the plots were being encroached, employees were expelled, people had to give huge donations to get seat in medical colleges, there used to be agitations for power, the children belonging to weaker sections of the society had to drop-out and the people were scared. He presented the report card of achievements of his government made during last ten years adding that his government has changed the circumstances without indulging in political vendetta. He said that efforts have been made to make Haryana an education hub and in next five years students would come from abroad to get education. The farmers are being supplied power at a rate of ten paisa per unit, the black laws of banks have been abolished, stamp duty for transfer of property between blood relations has also been abolished. He reiterated that crops would not be let wither-away for want of power even in a single acre of land. The government had waived off arrears of electricity bills amounting to Rs 1600 crore and rate of interest on crop loans has been reduced from 11 to four per cent. The cooperative loans amounting to Rs 435 crore were waived off. To benefit the traders, ST 38 form had been withdrawn. The state is giving highest ever wages of Rs 236 under MGNREGA. The state has a separate policy for women and also for sports. Out of total medals won by the country in recent Glasgow Commonwealth Games, 33 per cent of the medals have been bagged by Haryana. Today, the state has medical colleges, IMT and many new schemes have been implemented. The state has the highest per capita income and is ahead of others in per capita investment. A monthly pension of Rs 1000 is given to senior citizens, whereas it is used to be Rs 200 during the tenure of the previous government. As many as 20 lakh children belonging to Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes are getting scholarships. As many as 3.84 lakh plots of 100 square yards each have been allotted to the poor free of cost. About ten lakh households of the Scheduled Castes have been given free water connection and a water tank of 200 litres capacity. As many as two lakh houses are being constructed for the poor. A sum of Rs 300 crore has been given to the beneficiaries under Kanyadaan scheme. Haryana is the first state to implement Food Security Bill. Speaking on the occasion, Member of Parliament Mr. Deepender Singh Hooda said that this ‘Vijay Sankalp Rally’ would give a new direction to the politics in the State. He thanked the people and the Congress Party workers for ensuring his victory in the Lok Sabha elections despite of adverse circumstances in the country. While referring to the outcome of the Lok Sabha Elections, Mr. Hooda said that a Government was formed in the country with claims that after the formation of government, inflation would reduce and youth would get more employment opportunities. He said that the BJP has mislead the people and taken on the rein of the country in their hands by making false promises. Mr. Hooda challenged the BJP to announce its Chief Minister candidate for the forthcoming Vidhan Sabha Elections along with the assembly segment like the Congress who have announced to Contest Elections in Haryana under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda. He said that it has been the policy of BJP to announce its CM candidate before the Vidhan Sabha Polls. He gave example of Gujrat and Rajasthan where the BJP had announce its CM candidates ahead of polls. While referring to those leaders who are switching their side to BJP, Mr. Hooda said BJP is inducting those leaders in the party which are rejected the other parties. He said that BJP is now full of Chinese made parts and one of their senior leaders Mrs. Sudha Yadav has named them as ‘Kabad’. Taking a dig at the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD),  Mr. Hooda said that today INLD is fighting for its existence as it is on the verge of extinction. He said that in the Lok Sabha Elections, INLD had sought votes in the name of Mr. Modi and not in the name of Ch. Devi Lal. The INLD should introspect that as to why BJP refused to take their support in the formation of Government at the Centre and also to forge alliance with them in Haryana also. He said that the present State Government under the able leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda has implemented schemes for all sections of society be it the poor, farmer, labourer, senior citizen, women etc. He said that after Keral, Haryana is going to be the 100 per cent literate State. Speaking on this occasion, President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) Mr. Ashok Tanwar said that the leaders who are leaving the Party would soon realized their mistake. He said that the Party would ensure that those leaving the party today were not allowed to make come back into party. While condemning the jeering incident of Kaithal, Mr. Tanwar said that the incident not only the insult of Chief Minister but of 2.5 crore population of the State. He also passed a resolution on behalf of the party against the incident as it is against the interest of the country. Haryana Finance Minister Mr. Harmohinder Singh Chatha said that today certain BJP leaders in the State were issuing statements that BJP would contest the forthcoming elections on the issue of development. Mr. Chatha said that they might be unaware of the fact that Mr. Hooda had taken up the issue of development 10 years back. He cautioned the people to remain vigilant of those making false promises and added that the people should work untidily to ensure the victory of Congress for the third consecutive term. Public Health Engineering and Excise and Taxation Minister Mrs. Kiran Choudhry said that Mr. Hooda is taking ahead the strong foundation of Haryana which has been laid by former Chief Minister Mr. Bansi Lal. While reacting to the speech delivered by Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi stating that all the villages in the country would be connected to the road network by the year 2016, Mrs. Choudhry said that in Haryana every villages is connected with road and the facility of water and electricity is also made available to all villages in the State. In Haryana every villages has a school where the children were being imparted quality education, she added. While lashing out at BJP, she said that on one hand the party promised to eradicate corruption while on the other hand it is inducting those leaders in the party fold who have enjoyed the power for about 10 years. She termed BJP as the party of liars. Vidhan Sabha Speaker Mr. Kuldeep Sharma, Irrigation  Minister Capt. Ajay Singh Yadav, Urban Local Bodies Minister Mrs. Savitri Jindal, former Rajya Sabha Member Dr. Ram Parkash, MLA Panipat Mr. Balbir Pal Shah also spoke on this occasion.



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