BJP High Command to give a chance to Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal from Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat: Gobal Grewal Brotherhood

S. Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal
S. Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal

Ludhiana : Colonel Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal President Gobal Grewal Brotherhood demanded BJP National High Command to give a chance from Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat in coming elections to Senior BJP leader Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal which is working for the party from last 32 years honestly. Colonel Dr Dalvinder Singh said that Grewals are known for their hard work, sincerity, dedication, commitment, education, simplicity and brotherhood. Though spread over globaly their major concentration is in Ludhiana district where they have 74 villages having majority or number of Grewals and other 60 villages having considerable strength of Grewals.

Colonel Dr Dalvinder told that the main Villages of Grewals are There are a total of 52 purely Grewal villages (meaning everyone in the village is Grewal) in Ludhiana district alone. He said that the main villages of the Grewals in Ludhiana district are Gujjarawal, Narangwal, Phallewal, Pakhowal, Qila Raipur, Sarabha, Baddowal, Jodhan, Mansooran, Ratan, Sahauli, Lohgarh, Jassowal Sudan, Dhandra, Alamgir, Mehma Singh Wala, Chawinda, Dolon Kalan, Dolon Khurd, Dhaipai, Dulay, Thrike, Chupki, Jhande, Humanyunpura, Barewal, Grewal, Daad, Hawas, Khawajke, Sirha, Noorwal, Thakkerwal, Majri, Bihla, Sukhana, Khanjarwal, Mehmoodpur, Assi Kalan, Aandlu, Ballowal, Chaminda, Butahri, Chubki, Khedi Jhamedi, Thrike, Noorwala, Sunet, Daad etc. They are a flourishing community which has produced 5 Prime Ministers / Chief Ministers, 12 Olympians, over 50 principals, over 300 Medical Specialists and so on. In bravery they have produced highest number of Indian Order of Merit (5) equivalent of Param Vir Chakra and numerous MVC, Vr C and numerous other gallantry medal winners.

They are the most educated, well-mannered and respected persons in the district. They are aided by NRIs from all over the globe including USA, Canada, Australia, Britain. Colonel Dr Dalvinder said that during their get together last year they found that their number in Centre and start administration at present needs lot of improvement and in politics they ought to be represented better. Hence they decided that any Grewal standing for Parliament or Assembly elections irrespective of any party will be voted by all Grewals.


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