New Delhi,

Union Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Minister Sushri Uma Bharti has said that Government of India has held fruitfull talks with government of Nepal to find ways of reducing the severity of flood in the State to a major extent. Accordingly, there has been remarkable progress in the construction of SaptKosi high dam.She said,I am sure that once the construction is over, Bihar will get a reprieve from drought as well as the flurry of floods in future.

Talking tomedia persons here in New Delhi the Minister said that still in some areas flood relief majors are urgently needed for the protection from flood. For this all the proposals sent by Bihar Government under which nearly 7 Lakh hectare area will be given protection benefiting nearly 132 Lakh population of the State have been approved.

She said taking notice of the religious sentiments of the people of Bihar and their sentiments attached with river Ganga necessary measures have already been initiated for the revival of the river.

The Minister said keeping in view the plight of population in the State for the forced  consumptions of  arsenic contaminated water, the Central Ground Water Board has constructed 28 deep bore wells in Biharto provide arsenic free water and have handed over them to the State health engineering department. This steps has received overwhelming accolade and support from the people there as there are now saved from the hazardous effects of arsenic

Sushri Uma Bharti further said her Ministry accords highest priority to the interest of Bihar Government and settles differences emerging during the inter-State meetings. Efforts are on for the supply of pure drinking water to Bihar State from the Rihand dam. Also steps are on for the timely construction of upper Mahananda projects. These are all inter-States projects and mutual consent is a must for their completion. This will also help the State to a great extent. The Minister further said that for the all-round development of the State, our national Water Development Authority is working steadfastly and a major scheme for Kosi-Mechi and Burhee-Gandak Ganga link project has been chalked out for the implementation.These projects will benefit farmers of Bihar residing in nearly 3.30 Lakh square hectare area. Project on Burhee-Gandak will reduce 492 cusec flood.


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