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Biggest in india- an outlet inspired from veteran actor dharmendra launched

INVC NEWS Murthal,

  • It was an afternoon high on Food , Fun & Stardom when Veteran Actor Dharmendra along with Owners Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta launched Garam Dharam in Murthal.

Murthal in Haryana is famous for being Highway Hub for passionate foodies and Travellers who are inclined towards Good food. Food always adds to your travelling experience and Journeys, Murthal on your National Highway Haryana is one such desitination which is surely your stop point to indulge in good Meal.  But adding more life to Murthal life is Umang Tewari's & Mickey Mehta’s Garam Dharam- An outlet inspired from Veteran Actor Dharmendra. Garam Dharam Murthal in Haryana was opened by Veteran Actor Dharmendra Himself along with Founders Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta on 23 rd February 2018, Friday.

Elated Umang Tewari on the occasion Said- I have been big fan of Dhamendra Ji and Hence the love for food and movies inspired me to open Garam Dharam in Delhi 2 years back. With all the love and affection of People, We decided to Expand Garam Dharam and what better then to open in Murthal where Food is the first love of People. Loooking as Handsome as ever, Dharmendra Ji on the occasion said, I am Food lover, and Hence  I have every reason to be associated with Garam Dharam. This place is quick synopsis of My journey, everytime I go to Delhi- I feel very nostalgic seeing memorablia of my movies here, I am sure Grandness of Murthal will spread more food and joy.

Garam Dharam is surely the Biggest in India. With the capacity to accommodate seating of 1200 people, Garam Dharam is surely first of its kind in Murthal. Dhaba with Separate sections of Bakery, Sweets and Casual Meal, It is  Fun, Quirky, Lively, Innovative & Foodies Paradise . Bollywood Veteran Dharmendra is everybody's favorite and has been ruling heart since his young days, His Movies, his Dialogues and his Songs are legendary, keeping this in mind We  thought to give capital its first restaurant inspired from Veteran Actor, Says Founders Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta.

Garam Dharam, enjoy simpler elements of Life- Good Food and Good Music. After creating stir in Delhi by Offering the Delecious food, amazing service and genuinely a place where you can go with your Grandparents and children, Garam Dharam in Murthal brings contemporary change to lane by bringing in elemets which are never seen before on National Highway.  The place takes pride in Introducing three Different sections. The First section will pamper your Sweet buds that brings to you Mix of Desi and Videshi Mithai- Yes Bakery and Mithai section await you where you can savour the old classics and Many New Flavours. The Second Section is playful Culture Gully which nrings the best from South Indian, Chinese, Chaat counter world. And then the avenue opens you towards the Main Dining area where Section is divided into Private Dining rooms, Lounge Seating, Buffet Area and more. When it comes to Food, People want to have it best. Garam Dharam is contemporary take on Dhaba, so here you can enjoy the Great food, The menu included something for each appetite. 

 The place has many quirky points that will make you Fall in love with it, With Quirky Entrance of Biggest Tanki that brings back the Memorablia of Dharmendra’s favorite Tanki scene, the place will bring back the Nostalgia of Many classic Movies of Veteran Actor Dharmaendra. Right from  Posters of Dharmendra's popular movies to Famous dialogues of his movies scattered over Garam Dharam to Wall dedicated to his Grapphiti to Contemporary Dhaba Themed Interiors, The place has it all.  Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta further adds, Thus Garam Dharam is for all those people who just want the best at best prices! We are sure We will get lot of acceptance for Garam Dharam, as We are not compromising on any thing and ensure to give you the Experience that you will cherish. This is place suitable for all age groups. It is for sure the most grand and comfortable place where each meal is a treasured time to relax and share a bounty of wonderful food with family and friends. Every time you dine with them, you can sit back in the glow of Contemporary Dhaba. 

So, Next when you travel on Highway or you feel Midnight cravings or you interested to go on drive with your friends- Garam Dharam is surely the place that will not only bring back the Nostalgia but will also give you the experience which you haven’t experienced. The great package of Good food, Magnificent Scale, Stardom inspired Interiors and well-designated thoughtful activities are designed to Make sure that If there is place, that can offer you the best of everything, It is Garam Dharam.



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