Thursday, August 13th, 2020

BHEL Registers Significant increase in Intellectual capital files one Patent a day; R&d Spend goes UP 20

INVC,, New Delhi,, As a result of constant thrust on developing new technologies and products, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has recorded a 27% growth in its Intellectual Capital in FY 2009-10. During the year 264 patents and copyrights were filed by the company, translating into filing of one patent / copyright every working day. During fiscal 2009-10,according to BHEL, it invested an all-time high Rs.829 Crore on R&D efforts - 20% higher than the previous year. With R&D spend at 2.4% of its turnover, BHEL is the highest spender on R&D in India for its kind of industry. Significantly, BHEL is one of the only four Indian companies and the only Indian Public Sector Enterprise figuring in ‘The Global Innovation 1000’ of Booz & Co., a list of 1000 publicly-traded companies which are biggest spenders on R&D in the world. Commercialisation of products and systems developed by way of in-house Research and Development contributed around 20% to the company’s total turnover of Rs.34,050 Crore in 2009-10. To address the needs of the infrastructure sectors of the economy, BHEL successfully developed various products and systems in 2009-10. Significant developments during the year include, a new design variant of Condenser for 660 MW steam turbines having supercritical parameters, High Temperature Superconducting (HTSC) Power Transformer; highest rating, more efficient 310 MVA Single Phase Generator Transformer for upcoming Ultra Mega Power Projects, Current Transformer for 765 kV Ultra High voltage (UHV) transmission substations. These in-house developments will not only address future needs but also result in enhancing product efficiencies, optimisation of designs and enhancing of functional capabilities, etc. R&D and technology development are of strategic importance to the company as it operates in a competitive environment where technology is a major factor. BHEL's long term R&D programme focuses on emerging technology areas such as Clean Coal technologies; Nano technology; Hydrogen Energy technologies; Superconducting applications and Solar technologies and products & systems for Ultra-high Voltage transmission segment like 765 kV & 1200 kV for addressing the country’s future demands.



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