bharat jodo yatra
bharat jodo yatra

Bharat Jodi Yatra now Kamal Nath took over the reins

Rahul Gandhi, who is out on the Bharat Jodo Yatra, is coming to Madhya Pradesh on November 20, due to which the Congressmen all over the state are excited, while preparing vigorously, because in view of the assembly elections to be held next year. and issues that surround the BJP state government will also be raised. The reins of this entire event have been handled by former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who is holding daily meetings and will also visit Indore on November 8. At the same time, Rahul is running with fast steps in this walk, due to which the tired and tired Congressmen are also worried about how they will be able to walk with him in the journey, so many seniors have asked these leaders now.



It is also advised to practice with Former Chief Minister and State Congress President Kamal Nath is going to Indore on November 8 in view of Rahul’s visit. He will also discuss with the media on this occasion. The responsibility of publicity of the programs of his Indore stay has been entrusted to State spokesperson Santosh Singh Gautam as media coordinator. Media department chairman KK Mishra has also sent a letter to this effect in Indore, emphasizing on getting maximum coverage.


On the other hand, all Congressmen and workers, big or small, are excited about the Bharat Jodo Yatra. This yatra will remain in the state for about 12 days and this yatra is to be entered on 20-21. During his visit, Rahul is raising issues related to inflation, employment, farmers to other issues related to the center, while the issues related to the state are also being highlighted in view of the assembly elections. Rahul will also stay in Indore for about three days and efforts are also being made that Rahul will also show the Mahakal Lok made in Ujjain and see Baba. Congress MLAs of Indore Sanjay Shukla, Vishal Patel have also been entrusted with the responsibility by the state president and just now, under the leadership of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, the Congressmen had also gone to Hyderabad and discussed with Rahul there. Efforts are also being made to finalize the mark of the journey.


Every big Congressman wants that the yatra should pass through his area. At the same time, the National President of Youth Congress also advised that from now on the practice of walking fast should also be started. Kamal Nath has also entrusted different responsibilities to senior leaders. The responsibility of Mhow has been entrusted to Jeetu Patwari, while the responsibility of Ujjain Yatra and general meeting has been entrusted to Shobha Ojha.


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