Unique Bajrangbali idol
Unique Bajrangbali idol

Embark on a spiritual journey this Diwali to the enchanting temple in Saver, celebrating the divine bond between Lord Ram and Hanuman Ji. Explore the unique upside-down idol of Bajrangbali and witness the holistic worship of the divine trinity. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this sacred sanctuary, a tranquil oasis nestled in Madhya Pradesh.

Unveiling the Divine Connection: Lord Ram and Hanuman Ji’s Sacred Bond

In the sacred verses of the Ramayana, the profound connection between Lord Shri Ram and Hanuman Ji is beautifully woven into the tapestry of mythology. This timeless bond, celebrated across the ages, is vividly embodied in a temple that stands as a testament to their divine association. This Diwali, embark on a spiritual journey to experience the divine presence of Lord Ram by visiting the awe-inspiring temple of Bajrangbali.

Temple Location: A Tranquil Oasis in Saver

Situated approximately 35 kilometers from the vibrant city of Indore, the temple resides in Saver, beckoning pilgrims with its spiritual allure. The journey to this sacred abode takes around 3 hours, offering a serene drive through the picturesque landscapes of Madhya Pradesh. Nestled in the heart of Saver, this temple is a beacon of spiritual tranquility, attracting devotees from far and wide.

A Unique Glimpse: Bajrangbali’s Unusual Idol

The centerpiece of this divine sanctuary is the extraordinary idol of Hanuman Ji, capturing a moment frozen in time. As you gaze upon the idol, it seems as though Hanuman Ji is suspended upside down, an artistic representation that sets this temple apart from all others. This distinctive form is a rare embodiment of devotion and craftsmanship, making this temple a unique haven for worship.

Beyond Bajrangbali: Embracing the Divine Trinity

This revered temple not only houses the divine presence of Hanuman Ji but also welcomes devotees to witness the idols of Lord Shri Ram, Mother Sita, Lakshman, and Shiva Parvati. It stands as a testament to the holistic worship of the divine trinity, creating a sacred space where every deity is honored with unwavering devotion.

Unraveling the Tapestry: History of the Temple

1. The Battle of Ram, Ravana, and Ahiravan

Delve into the ancient corridors of history, and you’ll uncover the gripping tale behind the creation of this temple. Legend has it that the roots of this sacred place are intertwined with the epic battle between Ram, Ravana, and Ahiravan. During the war, Ahiravan, Ravana’s brother, assumed the form of Lord Rama to serve in his army. Seizing the opportunity, Ahiravan managed to render Lord Ram and Lakshman unconscious and transported them to the underworld.

In a valiant pursuit to rescue his beloved Lord, Bajrangbali descended into the depths of the underworld, confronting and defeating Ahiravan. The temple stands as a monument to this heroic rescue, immortalizing the courage and devotion of Hanuman Ji.

2. The Evening Sojourn to the Underworld

Local folklore intertwines with the temple’s history, narrating that the very spot where Bajrangbali descended into the underworld is the temple’s sacred ground. During this divine escapade, Bajrangbali’s posture, with his head towards the ground and body towards the sky, is believed to have inspired the unique idol in the temple. It is a manifestation of that pivotal moment when Bajrangbali embarked on his celestial journey, and the temple serves as a living chronicle of this extraordinary event.


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