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Gone are the days when it was only women who had to be groomed, now a days it is equally important for men to dress well and be groomed. In fact a lot of men are focusing on grooming and it is of utmost important for your professional life. A small thing are dead give aways and takes a lot from you, like unkempt nails, body odour, uncoordinated clothes, etc. said Dr. Blossom Kochhar Founder and chairperson of Aroma Magic.

A few efforts in your routine activity can make a lot of difference in your personality and here are a few tips that will make you an impeccably groomed:

For your skin

Use a scrub once a week and wash your face with a face wash every day.
Every night before going to bed, wash the face gently.
Do not take frequent hot shower as it can dry up your skin causing irritation and inflammation.
Moisturise your skin well and always apply sunscreen before going out.

For your hair

Visit your barber once every 4 weeks and do not wait for your hair to grow hap hazardly.
Always get a professional advice on the products you use on your hair, if you have thick hair use a wax and for thin hair use a spray based product.
Do not overdo shampoo and use a coin size amount, massage well and wash with lukewarm water.

Defuzz your face

Get your beard trimmed every once a week to keep it manageable and tidy.
Use beard oil for the facial hair to make them look healthy.
To shave your facial hair, soak the blades in hot water before as it will help opening up the pores of your face.
Apply shave oil on your face before shaving. It will help the facial hair to fall out of follicles easily.

Oral Hygiene

Brush twice a day, in the morning and at night before you go to bed. Floss your teeth regularly.
Use a tongue scrapper to scrape off any bacteria left on your tongue and for a fresh and clean breathe.
Change your tooth brush every 3to 4 months as with regular use the bristles of the tooth brush gets deteriorated.
Do not use covers for your tooth brush as it can cause breeding of the bacteria even more. Rather just rinse your tooth brush after using it and let it air dry.
Do not share your tooth brush or tongue scrapper with anyone as it can spread germs and mouth infections.

Body Hygiene

Bathe regularly with soap or body wash and scrub away the dead skin.
To avoid sweat stains, wear comfortable clothes and natural fibres.
Keep the under arms clean and shaved to avoid too much sweating and odour.
Find your statement fragrance and use the cologne regularly to keep you fresh.
Wear fresh, dry and washed clothes after shower and regularly apply antiperspirant.

Socks, shoes and clothes

Wear fresh, ironed clothes which fits well and does not hang lose over the neck or shoulders.
Socks should be washed and dry, do not repeat them and your feet sweat which can cause bad odour and foot infection.
Polish your shoes regularly. Wipe off the dust and then brush the shoes. Keep the laces of the shoes intact.

Personal Hygiene

Shave the pubic area carefully. Use separate tools to trim and shave the genitals and sanitize the tools properly.
Use scissors and clippers carefully. Trim the hair first as much as you can, apply shaving cream and then shave closely with caution.
Use selective perfume or cologne that you appreciate and use it regularly to avoid body odour. For winter season prefer woody and spicy fragrances and use citric fragrances for summers.
Keep the centre of your eyebrows clean. Use tweezers or scissors to clear the hair between the brows.

Hand & Feet Hygiene

Trim your nails every once a week after taking a shower or bath as the nails get soft and will be easy to cut.
To avoid food odour, wash and scrub your feet at least twice a day.
Use moisturiser to avoid dry and cracked heels. Rub with a pumice stone to get rid of dead skin.
Trim the toenails every week and smooth the edges of the nails.
Use foot powder to cure itching and sweating.
You can also wipe the inside of your shoes with tissue paper and tea tree oil. It will disinfect the shoes and kill the odour causing bacteria.

Toilet Hygiene

Use toilet seat sanitizers.
Leave your phone outside the toilet and do not take any reading material in the toilet.
Always wash and air-dry your hands after using the toilet.
Flush before using the toilet and after the same.
Disinfect the toilet with a handy toilet disinfectant before using.


Men’s Grooming Tips by Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Founder & Chairperson of the Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies institutionalized’.


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