Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

New Delhi : Explore divine names inspired by Lord Krishna for your daughter. These Krishna-inspired girl names carry profound meanings and spiritual significance. Choose a name filled with love and devotion

Are you a devout follower of Lord Krishna, and are you contemplating giving your daughter a name that is connected to the divine essence of Krishna? Look no further, as we present a curated list of enchanting names inspired by Lord Krishna himself. These names carry a profound significance and are imbued with the love and spirituality associated with the deity. Let’s explore these divine names for your precious little one:

  1. Achu: Meaning “knowledge” and “immortal,” Achu reflects the eternal wisdom associated with Lord Krishna. It’s a name that signifies enlightenment and divine grace.
  2. Gopi Gaya-Bachha Premi: This name is a tribute to the eternal love between Lord Krishna and the Gopis. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of pure, unconditional love.
  3. Kanu Krishna: Kanu, derived from Krishna, is a name that honors the beloved Lord. It’s a name filled with devotion and reverence.
  4. Meera: Meera Bai, the legendary devotee of Lord Krishna, is known for her unwavering devotion. Naming your daughter Meera is a tribute to this profound love and faith.
  5. Mohi: Meaning “attractive” or “charming,” Mohi represents the irresistible charm of Lord Krishna, which captivated the hearts of many, including Radha.
  6. Venu: Venu, which means “flute” in Sanskrit, is closely associated with Lord Krishna’s melodious music. It’s a name that symbolizes creativity and artistry.
  7. Vraj: Vraj is another name for the sacred land of Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. It signifies a place of divine bliss and enchantment.
  8. Amoha: This name means “unbewildered” and is associated with Radha, the beloved of Lord Krishna. It reflects clarity of thought and unwavering devotion.
  9. Bansuri: Bansuri translates to “flute,” the instrument that Lord Krishna played so beautifully. It’s a name that celebrates the divine music and harmony associated with Krishna.
  10. Dvitiiya: Meaning “second” or “alternate,” Dvitiiya signifies the dual nature of Lord Krishna, who is both human and divine.
  11. Kanvi: Kanvi is a name derived from Kanha, another name for Lord Krishna. It’s a name that exudes love and devotion.
  12. Keshavi: Keshavi means “related to Krishna” and is a name that acknowledges the divine connection with Lord Krishna.
  13. Kishu: A diminutive form of Krishna, Kishu is a sweet and endearing name that reflects affection and love.
  14. Misha: Misha, meaning “smile,” is a name that represents the joy and happiness associated with Lord Krishna’s divine presence.
  15. Nandu: Derived from Nanda, the foster father of Lord Krishna, Nandu is a name that honors the love and care of parental figures.
  16. Nihar: Nihar means “to gaze” or “to behold,” symbolizing the divine sight of Lord Krishna that brings solace and enlightenment.
  17. Radhe: Radhe is a name that pays homage to Radha, the beloved consort of Lord Krishna. It signifies deep love and devotion.
  18. Saket: Saket, meaning “abode of the divine,” is a name that reflects the spiritual journey associated with Lord Krishna.
  19. Vamshi Darshi: This name signifies one who beholds the flute of Lord Krishna, emphasizing the divine music and artistry.
  20. Devika: Devika is a name that means “goddess” and is a tribute to the divine presence of Lord Krishna.

Why Worship Lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna is revered as the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu, and his divine presence is believed to bring about the destruction of evil and the protection of the righteous. Worshiping Lord Krishna is a path to spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Here are 18 key aspects of Lord Krishna’s teachings:

  1. Dharma: Embrace righteousness in all actions.
  2. Wisdom: Seek knowledge and enlightenment.
  3. Selflessness: Perform deeds without attachment to the outcomes.
  4. Divine Incarnation: Recognize Lord Krishna as an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  5. Karma: Engage in selfless actions.
  6. Mastery of Senses: Control your senses through meditation.
  7. Persistence: Dedicate yourself to continuous effort.
  8. Universal Vision: See the divine in all living beings.
  9. Detachment: Free yourself from material desires.
  10. Love for the Divine: Cultivate love for God.
  11. Blessing of Devotion: Devote yourself wholeheartedly to the divine.
  12. Self-Realization: Understand the true nature of the self.
  13. Service: Serve humanity with love and compassion.
  14. Righteousness: Uphold moral values and ethics.
  15. Unconditional Surrender: Surrender to the divine will.
  16. Devotion to the Supreme: Develop unwavering faith in God.
  17. Maya: Recognize the illusion of worldly desires.
  18. Transcendence: Aim for spiritual liberation.

Incorporating these teachings into your life can bring immense joy and fulfillment. The divine names inspired by Lord Krishna carry the essence of these teachings and can bestow blessings upon your beloved daughter.


Choosing a name for your daughter is a sacred and meaningful task. The names inspired by Lord Krishna mentioned above carry the divine essence and spiritual significance associated with the deity. May your daughter’s name be a source of joy, love, and spiritual connection throughout her life.


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