Beat Box, B-Boying and Bibimbap – Join the Crazy Kitchen Crew for BIBAPINVC NEWS

Created to celebrate the national dish of bibimbap and promote Korean food culture worldwide, BIBAP is a comedy deliciously blending martial arts, street dance and hip-hop that takes place at The Parisian Theatre, The Parisian Macao from April 7 to 23, 2017. Prices start from MOP/ HKD 180 and tickets go on sale today at all Cotai Ticketing box offices.

BIBAP is the story of a cooking competition between two master chefs, Green Chef and Red Chef, at ‘BIBAP’ restaurant, alongside six other hyperactive performers also dressed as chefs. Revolving around the Korean national dish of spicy rice, vegetables and beef called bibimbap, it is a nonverbal performance incorporating music, beat box and b-boying (breakdancing), acrobatics and singing, which debuted in 2009 and has now been performed all over the world.

Audiences can expect to be dragged into the fun, with the cast encouraging them to handle and even taste the food, tidy up the stage and generally get involved throughout the Macao show. Spontaneous blind dates between audience members are also not unknown! The audience plays an even bigger role in that the performers observe crowd reaction to decide the way show will progress, so no two evenings are ever the same.

Book your tickets now and join Red Chef, Green Chef, MC Chef, Rhythm Chef, Sexy Chef, Cutie Chef, Iron Chef and Rookie Chef for BIBAP – the most fun you can have in the kitchen!


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