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BBMB announced its performance indicator for year 2017-2018


New Delhi, a)POWERGENERATION: Ø BBMB crossed the Generation target of 9360 million units fixed by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) for the year 2017-18 on 27th January, 2018 i.e. about one month before the year end. Ø The power generation from BBMB power house during 2017-18 was 10881 million unitswhich is 1521 million units i.e. 16.25% more in comparison to the CEA’s target of 9360 MUs for the period. Ø This additional generation by BBMB Power Houses has greatly helped the partner states as the  per unit cost of Generation from BBMB is much less as compared to their tariff of state utilities for various types of consumers. Ø This splendid feat was achieved bymaintaining all time highPlant availabilityof 99.17% at BBMB Power Houses   during 2017-18. Ø The Plant availability during 2017-18 from BhakraPower Houseswas 99.99%, which is also an all-time high milestone. Ø BBMB has achieved the highest peak power generation of 2566 MW on September 11, 2017. Ø  BBMB power houses have also generated a record 473.03 lakh units of electricity on September 12, 2017which is maximum generation in a day after August 2, 2013. Ø Entire energy available during 2017-18 was transmitted to its Partner States by maintaining BBMB’s Transmission System availability of 99.68%for year 2017-18. b) COMMISSIONING OF UNIT NO. 2 OF GANGUWAL POWER HOUSE & UNIT NO. 3 OFKOTLA POWER HOUSE: Ø Unit No. 2 (24.2MW) of Ganguwal Power House and  Unit No. 3(24.2MW) of Kotla Power House were  taken on forced shut down w.e.f. 16.09.2013 and 02.08.2013 respectively, due to damage of their  runner blades. Ø BBMB has successfully commissioned Unit No. 2 of Ganguwal Power House and Unit No. 3 of Kotla Power House, on 23-11-2017 and 04-12-2017 respectively, after replacement of damaged runner with new one having modified and latest design. Ø Partner States of BBMB are benefitted by additional low cost energy of about 11.60 lacs unit per day. c)  COMMISSIONING UNIT NO. 6 OF DEHAR POWER HOUSE: Ø The Dehar Unit no. 6(165MW) was on forced shutdown since 02 March 2014 due to Stator Winding Earth Fault. Ø The was completed and this unit was synchronized with the system on 09th July 2017. Ø Despite acute manpower shortage and limited resources, the staff of Dehar Power House has performed remarkably well to make the machine available for generation in such limited time frame. d) RENOVATION, MODERNIZATION &UPRATINGOF  BHAKRA LEFT BANK POWER    HOUSE: Ø The total estimated cost is Rs. 489.77 crore approx. inclusive of cost of equipment to be procured by BBMB. Ø The three units of Bhakra Left Bank Power House i.e. Unit Nos. 2, 5 & 4 have been uprated from 108 MW to 126 MW. Ø The earlier observed runner cavitation issue has been resolved. Accordingly, site modification of Unit No. 2 runner was carried out in June, 2016. Ø The joint team of BBMB and M/sHitachi carried out the inspection on dated 21.11.17 and “No cavitation” has been observed. Modification carried out on the runner of Unit No.2 has been found to be successful. Ø Based on M/s CPRI, Bangalore report on Generator Shaft of Unit No. 5, it was found that its existing Generator Shaft along with Spider Assembly needs replacement. Ø Accordingly, this Unit is presently under shutdown and would be commissioned by May, 2018 with new Generator Shaft. Ø Unit No. 3 will be taken on shutdown after commissioning of Unit No. 5 and shall be commissioned by January, 2019. Ø R,M&U of Unit No. 1 shall be taken in hand in February, 2019 and  shall be commissioned by October, 2019. e) COMMISSIONING OF 175 kWp SOLAR POWER PLANT: Ø On 14th August 2017, His Excellency, Shri V.P. Singh Badnore, Hon'ble Governor of Punjab and Administrator, U.T. Chandigarh inaugurated and dedicated to the nation the newly commissioned 175 kWp Solar Power Plant installed on the roof top of BBMB Secretariat, Sector-19, and SLDC Buildings Industrial Area, Chandigarh. Ø This Solar Power Plant has been commissioned on 18th July, 2017 which is much before the target date of 13 October, 2017 set by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Ø BBMB would get more than Rs. 31 lacks from Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, GOI for early commissioning of this Power Plant. Ø After installation of this Solar Plant, BBMB plans to replicate it at other stations/offices. Ø Work of making office buildings as net zero buildings through installation of Rooftop Solar PV plant has been taken up by BBMB. Ø Apart from the above, installation of solar PV plant on within the land of BBMB Switch-Yards and project stations has also been initiated. Ø Proposal for the execution of about 5 MW floating Solar PV power plant in Nangal/Bhakra Dam reservoir has been prepared. f)REPLACEMENT OF OLD TRANSFORMERS WITH HIGHER RATING NEW TRANSFORMERS: Ø BBMB has replaced 2 Nos. 220/66 kV, 60 MVA Power Transformers each at 220kV Substation, Dhulkote and at 220 kV Substation, BBMB, Jagadhari(being  50 years old) with higher capacity new Power Transformers of rating 100 MVA. Ø With the commissioning of these new transformers, there would be overall load relief of 160 MVA in the surrounding areas of Ambala and Yamunanagar in the State of Haryana in addition to voltage improvement as the earlier transformers were over loaded. Ø Similarly, 220/132 kV, 90MVA Power Transformer at 220kV Substation, Jalandhar has been replaced with 100MVA Power Transformer in the State of Punjab. This has improved voltage in the Jalandhar area fed from this Sub-Station. Ø The commissioning of these five nos. Power Transformers, has helped in achieving the target of 24X7 power supply initiative of the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India and the people of these areas would get uninterrupted power supply. Ø All these transformers have been commissioned by BBMB within a span of three months. g) SUB-STATION AUTOMATION: Ø BBMB has taken in hand automation of 220kV Sub-station, Barnala, first in the series of Sub-Stations which are planned to be made Remote Operated (Unmanned) Sub-stations. Ø The work order amounting Rs.1.71 crore has been placed and work is likely to be completed by September, 2018. Ø Automation of Barnala substation would be first step by BBMB in respect of smart substation automation solutions. Ø After its successful implementation, the same would be replicated for other Sub-Stations in BBMB. h)      SMALL HYDRO PROJECTS ON BHAKRA MAIN LINE: Ø The process of setting up of 27 Small Hydro Projects with aggregate capacity of 63.75 MW on Bhakra Main Line Canal has been cleared by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. Ø The proposed projects has been stuck since last ten years, with the result that an important national source of renewable energy is not being exploited. The Hon’ble Minister of State(I/C) of Power and New & Renewable Energy desired that BBMB may like to implement these projects directly. Ø Accordingly, an agenda has been put up in the forthcoming meeting of the Board. i)    SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION (SCADA) SYSTEM: Ø BBMB is in process of extending local generator SCADA of all the machines at at Bhakra(L) Power House to remote site at BBMB SLDC, Chandigarh. Ø Benefits of extending local generator SCADA to remote site BBMB SLDC, Chandigarh: ·      The start / stop sequence of the Generating Unit can be remotely executed from the remote site i.e. BBMB SLDC, Chandigarh which shall result in proper monitoring of operations. ·      All the parameters of Generating Unit available at respective Power Plants shall also be available at BBMB SLDC which will result in the enhanced monitoring of the generating unit as per the system requirement. B.         IRRIGATION WING a)  RESERVOIR POSITION: Ø Today, the reservoir level of Bhakra Dam is 1546.53 feetagainst the last year level of 1524.30 feet and Pong Dam is 1292.93 feetagainst the last year level of 1301.64 feet.  Thus, water level of Bhakra Dam is about  22.23 feethigher than last year on the same day and at Pong Dam is about 8.71 feet lower than last year on the same day. Ø BBMB has delivered water to all the Partner States as per requirements projected in Technical Committee Meeting held every month during this depletion period. b)  LOW LEVEL INSPECTION: Ø There are two Irrigation Tunnel (T-1 &T-2) in Pong Dam. Ø The low level inspection and repairs of Irrigation Tunnel (T-2) of Pong Dam was carried out from26.05.2017 to 15.06.2017. Ø Last time, it was done in the year 2010. Ø This year maintenance of irrigation tunnel (T-2) was carried out within record time of 20 days against the normal schedule period of 31 days. Ø The maintenance of tunnel T-1has been planned during Aril, 2018. c)   NATIONAL HYDROLOGY PROJECT: Ø Under the project funding of Ministry of Water Resources, and World Bank, BBMB is implementing the National Hydrology Project (NHP). The proposed project will further improve and expand the Water Resources Monitoring System, Strengthen Water Resources Operation and Planning and will enhance institutional capacity for Water Resources Management. Ø It will provide information for evidence based decisions using latest technology and tools for the operation and management of BBMB reservoirs, Power Generation and distribution of Irrigation Water among Partner States. Ø As on 01.09.2017, BBMB stood first among the Implementing Agencies for overall performance(in terms of Project Management Team, Data Management, Data Sharing, Modelling Status etc.) d)  OPENING OF GATES NO. 1 & 2 OF PANDOH SPILLWAY: Ø BBMB carried out an important exercise bykeeping PandohBaggi Tunnel (PBT) in open position with opening of gates no. 1 & 2 of Pandoh Spillway. Ø The Pandoh Dam Spillway has five radial gates and out of these two gates (Gate No. 1 & 2) are in front of Stilling Pond of PandohBaggiTunnel. As per existing Operating Instructions, these two gates are to be operated only when the PBT is in closed condition, which in turn results into Power Loss in crores of rupees. Ø Accordingly, on 30.08.2017, it was decided to partially operate Gate No. 1 and 2, while keeping the PBT in running condition. The gates were slowly operated up to 4 feet for about 6 hours. Ø It was observed that even after operation of these gates for about 6 hours, the sediments were being flushed out as sediment load of water flowing into the river through gates was 499 ppm where as in PBT it was 232 ppm. Ø This whole operation of opening Gate No. 1 and 2 has not only resulted in less silt entry into PBT but would also has minimized dredging efforts   in Sundernagar balancing reservoir, thereby reducingdamage to underwater parts of turbines in Dehar Power House. e)  STOPPING ON-GOING PRACTICE OF BULK PURCHASE OF CEMENT, PETROL AND DIESEL IN BBMB: Ø The existing practice of bulk purchase of Cement, Petrol and Diesel at Project Stations of BBMB was reviewed. Ø It was decided that no bulk purchase of Petrol and Diesel at Project Stations shall be made henceforth and the purchase of the same shall be done through the nearest local Retailor. Ø As regards bulk purchase of cement, it was decided that provision of Cement should be made a part of the Tender document itself and no New Tender is to be floated where provision of cement is not a part of the “Work”. Ø This new arrangement of dispensing with procuring bulk purchase of Cement, Petrol and Diesel has helped in saving manpower and related overheads including wastage etc. f)    CREATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE CELL IN BBMB: Ø Ability of BBMB projects & reservoirs to meet future irrigation & hydropower requirements of partner states will depend on future inflows into these reservoirs. Ø  However, climate changes will affect long term rainfall & temperature patterns which in turn will determine river runoffs. Ø Thus, it is utmost necessary to understand the effects of climate change on our reservoir inflows. Accordingly, BBMB have created a Climate Change Cell by internal re-arrangement of posts, to study the effect of changing climate on the catchments & to make projections of future scenario. Ø These studies will be very beneficial in ascertaining long term availability of water from BBMB reservoirs and will also help policy makers to confidently plan future land usage, cropping patterns, inundation scenarios etc. g) FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF BHAKRA DAM: Ø The FiniteElement Analysis of Bhakra Dam is being carriedout with the help of Central Water Commission, New Delhi. The Central Water Commission team has recently visited Bhakra Dam for this purpose. The mathematical (2D and 3D) model is being developed using latest software. This work will be completed within three months. The expected output of model will be as under: i)          The maximum permissible deflection of Bhakra Dam at different locations and its comparison with the present values. ii)        The maximum permissible stresses/settlement at the toe of dam and its comparison with the present values. iii)      The effect on dam, if filled,upto its top in the event of passing high floods (PMF). The on-site investigation of property of dam concrete and rock mass has already been completed and the results indicate about 30% more strength than the Design values. h) DAM SAFETY COMMITTEE (DSC): Ø The inspection of Bhakra and Pong Dams has been carried out by the 5thDam Safety Committee. i)NANGAL WORKSHOP: Total turnover of BBMB's Nangal Workshop during the year 2017-18 came out to the tune of Rs.4,49,32,158/- which is 17.99% more than previous year i.e. 2016-17. The increase in turnout is due to some new and significant works carried out at all projects of Bhakra Beas Management Board including Irrigation & Power Wing. In addition to the above, the Nangal Workshop is working in full swing & is in position to execute/fabricate/repair different types of jobs such as Steel Structure, Pantoon, Dredger pipes,  Guide Vanes etc. C)      IT WING a) e-Office: Ø BBMB has implemented e-office, a Mission Mode Project within the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of GOI, for enhancing productivity, quality of service of transparency and for paper less digital system. It will help clear off all the paper based filing and approval system. e-Office system will increase efficiency of work, have great environmental benefits as it will eliminate physical files and use of paper in office working. b) MOBILE APP: Ø A Mobile Application of BBMB for empowering its employees and public, ‘Jan Shakti’ was inaugurated by Sh. Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary (Power), Government of India on 2nd April 2018. This Mobile Application empowers employees by giving them access to their Salary, GPF/CPF, Personal & Official details, BBMB employees and public shall have access to technical information/data relating to Power & Irrigation Systems of BBMB i.e. project-wise generation details, reservoir levels, water releases, rainfall in catchment areas for the past many years will be accessible to users by use of this Mobile app. c) RADIO CAMPAIGN: Ø Shri Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary(Power), Government of India also released the BBMB’s enlightening Radio campaign for the general public. He highly appreciated these initiatives of BBMB on e-governance. e) VIDEO CONFERENCING IN BBMB SCHOOLS: Ø BBMB is going to provide Video conferencing facilities in Sr. Secondary Schoolsunder its administration at Nangal, Sundernagar and Talwara. This will provide exposure to students to the latest available education facilities. D.      HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT WING a)  TRAINING: Ø BBMB has formulated its own training policy in line with the National Training Policy for Power Sector, adopted by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. BBMB has made an ambitious plan to provide training to its employees from the year beginning from April, 2003. Ø During the year 2017-18, the training programme has benefitted BBMB staff with18,580 trainingman days against the target of 16,000 man days. Ø A training programme from 7thto 9th February, 2017 on “O&M of Hydro Turbines & Generators” was conducted by BBMB at Training CenterNangal. The training programme was organised by the Central Board of Irrigation and Power. The training was planned in a systematic manner which started from basic introduction of Hydro Stations, Erection and O&M related issues of Hydro Power Houses which were discussed & explained through case studies of different power houses. BBMB Engineers also shared their experiences & discussed operational & maintenance related issues with the learned faculty. This training programme was found useful for day to day working in their BBMB power houses. Ø A two days training programme from 8th to 9th November, 2017 on “Dam Safety Management Including Instrumentation of Existing Dams” was conducted by Bhakra Beas Management Board at Training Center,Nangal. The programme was organized by Central Board of Irrigation and Power. About 50 Engineers of the projects under BBMB as well as Board office attended this training. Awareness about latest techniques and methodology for dam safety and state of the art instruments available for dams were given by Faculty members during eight technical sessions in the above programme. The programme was very useful for the engineers of BBMB and will certainly enhance their technical knowhow. Ø A technical session on “Construction Management Experiences of Mega Hydroelectric Project” was held on 20-11-2017 at Bhakra Beas Training Centre, Nangal. The technical lecture on Hydro Projects experiences was delivered by Shri R.N. Khazanchi, Managing Director, Punatsangchhu, Hydroelectric Project Authority, Bhutan. The technical session was attended by about 46 Officers of BBMB from Board Office and all projects. The brain storming session was well appreciated by all Officers-delegates present and this will enable for paving the way for solutions to the various problems at our projects. The training programme was extremely fruitful for project engineers. b)  GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL MECHANISM OF BHAKRA BEAS MANAGEMENT BOARD: Ø A well defined Grievance Redressal Mechanism exists in BBMB. Special Secretary, BBMB has been designated as Director/Grievances for Bhakra Beas Management Board as a whole. Further, BBMB has also appointed Grievance Officers of the rank of Superintending Engineer/Dy. Chief Accounts Officer at each Project station and Board office. Ø Under the Grievance Redressal Mechanism, the aggrieved employee can either approach officers at each office level in the hierarchy or he can directly approach the designated Grievance Officers at each project station. Every employee also has right to approach Director/Grievance, BBMB i.e. Special Secretary for redressal of his grievance. Ø BBMB has also appointed separate Nodal Officers for dealing with cases of Pensioners. E. THE AWARDS WON BY BBMB DURING THE YEAR 2017: Ø The Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) based on recommendations of the high level jury have awarded the most prestigious National Level Award to 'Bhakra Dam', the Temple of Modern India, as "Best Maintained Project (Functional for more than 50 years)" to BBMB. Bhakra Dam was selected due to its robust health, ensured by rigorously following detailed documented maintenance schedules, round the clock vigil and by using latest technology and material for its upkeep & repairs. The citation reads, “Best Maintained Project (Functional for more than 50 years) presented to Bhakra Beas Management Board for Bhakra Dam for excellent maintenance of Dam and related Water Conductor System to ensure reliable supply of water and electricity to the beneficiary by maintaining 100% availability”. Ø Chairman, BBMB has also been given national level award for "CBIP Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Leadership and Contribution to the Indian Water and Power Sectors". Both the above awards were given by Dr. Satya Pal Singh, Minister of State for Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, Govt. of India on 3rd January, 2018 in the award ceremony held at New Delhi in the presence of Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Minister of State in MoWR, Minister of State for Energy, Rajasthan and Minister of State for Water Resources, Govt. of Maharashtra. Ø BBMB has been conferred with the “National Gaurav Award-2017" by Indian Brave Hearts, a certified ISO 9001:2018 NGO, for its achievement in the Category of Energy Generator. BBMB has been given this award appreciating its special contribution towards the    Nation. This Award was given on 16.12.2017 in a function held at VigyanBhawan, New Delhi. Ø BBMB has been awarded 1stPrize at National Level for “Best State Level Nodal Officer Category” for achieving highest percentage of student participation in painting competition on Energy Conservation by school children of the state of Haryana for the year 2017.This year, BBMB has been able to manage a phenomenal increase of 406.1% in participation of students from various schools of Haryana State, 10, 78,191 students from 14,436 schools of Haryana, compared to 2,13,053 students during the last year.   The award was presented on the National Energy Conservation Day i.e. 14th Dec. 2017 by Sh. R. K. Singh, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power, New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. Ø In the category of “Best Generator”, BBMB received ‘Runner Up’ award in 18th Regulators & Policymakers Retreat 2017 organized by Independent Power Producers Association of India. Ø Bhakra Dam Administration has been awarded First Prize by the Official Language Department, Ministry of Home affairs, Govt. of India for doing maximum official work in Hindi in "B" region. This prize was presented by Sh. Ram Naik Hon'ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh to Sh. Sanjeev Suri, Chief Engineer, Bhakra Dam, BBMB, Nangal. F. SPORTS BBMB excelled equally well in the field of sports and has won the following prizes: Ø BBMB won gold medal in the 20th inter Central Power Sector Unit (CPSU) Table Tennis tournament held at Nathpa Jhakri from 4.11.2017 to 7.11.2017 hosted by SJVNL under the ages of Power Sports Control Board (PSCB) Ministry Of Power. Ten teams participated in the tournament. BBMB remained unbeaten in the tournament and won the gold medal by defeating SJVNL in the finals. In the individual category, Navneet Gupta won silver medal in men's open singles. Ø BBMBwon CPSU Cricket Tournament by defeating NHPC. This tournament was organised by Power Finance Corporation at New Delhi from 05.12.2017 to 10.12.2017. Eight Teams participated in this tournament. BBMB won the trophy by defeating NHPC by 7 Wickets. Ø BBMB won Kabaddi Tournament organised by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. at Hyderabad from 18.01.2018 to 20.01.2018. Ø BBMB won Volleyball Tournament organised by the Damodar Valley Corporation at Malthon Township, Dhanbad from 18.01.2018 to 21.01.2018. Ø BBMB won Athletic Men & Women Tournament organised by BBMB at Nangal Township, from 26.02.2018 to 27.02.2018. Ø In the meeting of Power Sports Control Board held on 19-03-2018 at Delhi, BBMB has been awarded the best organiser award for conducting the Athletic Meet on 26th and 27th February, 2018. Ø BBMB won 6 National Events: BBMB has won six National Events of Power sports control Board Tournament in the year 2017-18 which is a record as no PSU has ever achieved this so far. G.     SWACHH BHARAT Ø BBMB is actively participating in carrying forward the Swachh Bharat Mission of Govt. of India. Ø BBMB has taken up the task of making Nangal township as “Polythene Free” Ø BBMB has submitted action plan for observance of SwachhtaPakhwada – 2018 w.e.f. 16th to 31st May, 2018. Ø BBMB is spreading this mission by organising NukkadNatak, by motivation speech, adoption of ionic places installation of food waste machines, providing dustbins, tree plantation, cleanliness of  temples, Gurudwaras, schools, community centres, colonies    etc. H.     TREE PLANTATION Ø In line with its commitment to improve the environment and to plant more and more trees, a “Herbal Garden” in an area of 27 acre has been established by BBMB at Nangal. Ø BBMB has planted ….. trees in its project colonies and substations located at various places in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. Survival rate of these trees is more that 75%.



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