Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel addressed the ‘Manjhis’ and the members belonging to more than 50 ‘Ghotuls’ of Bastar at the Vidhan Sabha Auditorium here today. The Ghotul members invited Chief Minister Mr. Baghel to the ‘Jhalmalko Layor Ghotul Racha Utsav’ to be organized on April 8 at Amakda in Antagarh.

The Chief Minister gladly accepted the invitation saying that Bastar’s unique and rich culture is the identity of Chhattisgarh. Bastar always had a distinct identity, be it Ghotul, Devgudi, cockfight, or the world-famous ‘Dussehra’ festival. They all have given Bastar, recognition in the country and abroad. Bastar has a different identity due to its diverse culture, dialects, and food. ‘Ghotul’ has its distinct identity in the country and across the globe due to its unique culture. ‘Ghotul’ is a cultural education center where information about education, health, culture is provided.

“When I went to Narayanpur, approval was given for the construction of Ghotul there. All possible assistance will be provided by the state government to preserve and promote ‘Ghotul’. The state government is continuously working to promote the rich culture of Bastar. ‘Devgudi’ is being constructed all over Bastar. The existence of ‘Ghotul’ is important to make youth aware of our culture. I am overwhelmed to see that you have come here in traditional attires, the deeper the roots, the greater the fruits. We have to preserve and promote our unique culture, so we have also fixed honorarium of ‘Sirha’, ‘Guniya’, ‘Baiga’, and ‘Moria’ in this budget”, said Chief Minister.

Chief Minister also praised the handmade invitation letter made using bamboo saying that it looks very beautiful. ‘Ghotul’ members presented ‘Raila’ dance on the request of Chief Minister. Under the leadership of State Planning Commission member Mrs. Kanti Nag, the Manjhi and members of ‘Ghotul’ presented ‘Ghotul Racha’ made of bamboo craft to the Chief Minister.

Industries Minister Mr. Kawasi Lakhma, Advisor to Chief Minister Mr. Rajesh Tiwari, Chairman of Bastar Area Tribal Development Authority Mr. Lakheshwar Baghel, and MLA Mr. Anoop Nag were present on this occasion.


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