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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Bangalore to host ‘National Conclave on Integrated Management Systems’



TÜV Rheinland India, a worldwide leader in Testing, Inspection, Certification & Training, today announced that its training and consulting division would be hosting the “National Conclave on Integrated Management Systems” to be held at Bangalore on 21-22 May’12.

CEOs/ eminent speakers from across the world (technical experts who have years of experience in industry and having knowledge and skills in successfully implementing management systems in companies worldwide) will address at the National Conclave. Conclave will focus on implementation of “Integrated Management System”, Standards and Regulations, Energy, Social Responsibility, Environment, Health and Safety Management System, Manufacturing Excellence - Integrated Quality Management, Changing scenario in E-Waste Management, Educational Excellence, and Impeccable Quality System for Healthcare, Food Safety and Quality Guidelines etc.

As a part of the Conclave, TÜV Rheinland India invites case study presentations from organizations practicing “Integrated Management System” at their unit/work environment, so that the best practices can be highlighted in the National Conclave.  The best case studies will be presented and awarded at the Conclave. This will enable an opportunity for delegates to learn key / best practices through the successful case studies and can interact with quality practitioners for hands-on usage of the systems and standards in the National Conclave.

Said Mr. Enrico Ruhle, Managing Director (SAARC Countries) of TUV Rheinland, ”We have been time & again emphasizing on the need for bridging the gap between the education a person obtains at a university or in a school & the practical insights that he needs. In India this gap has been always more, when compared with the western countries, who impart more practical training at the schools & universities. TUV Rheinland Academy is one such initiative by the TUV Rheinland Group, where people can develop their practical or vocational skills; this will help them in their personal development as well as the industry which will have a larger manpower pool”.

Said Mr Prabakaran, Country Head -Training & Consulting at TÜV Rheinland, “The Training and Consulting Division of TÜV Rheinland India started with the goal to impart hands on training on the basis of ‘Teach Fishing rather than giving a Fish’. It is deeply committed to introduce various concepts in industry and educational sectors in order to promote the quality practices, enhance efficiency and improve productivity. It is expected that around 200 participants from various organizations would attend this National Conclave on Integrated Management at Bangalore”.

“Integrated Management System” (IMS) enables organization to meet the challenge to drive operational efficiency and improve overall compliance. IMS integrates all standards, systems and processes of an organization in to one complete framework and enable an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives. Greater the number of management systems integrated together will provide more the benefits for an organization. Therefore, it is most important to promote, practice and upgrade the Integrated Quality Management System. Integrated Management System ensures that all key elements/activities are included in the process in an organization. Moreover, IMS supports to perform continual improvement for customers and stakeholders and constantly meet customer’s requirements which generate repeat business. It is with this objective that TÜV Rheinland is organising this Conclave at Bangalore.



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