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Ban Labs is launching a unique range of organic green tea. This 100% pure green tea is free from any artificial flavors color or preservatives. The Care Tea basket has an assortment of 5 packs having some flavors that have been introduced for the first time in India.

You can book your  CARE green tea pre- order of any flavor and get exclusive discount now!


Many Indians now prefer Green tea over conventional tea due to the health benefits of Green Tea. Green Tea market in India to reach US$ 50B by 2024 (Source:$_50B_by_2024)

BAN Labs was founded by Dr. D. K. Patel in 1966 with the aim of promoting the core essence of Ayurveda. Ban Labs is a 4000+ strong team today, being managed by Mr. Maulesh Ukani, Director.

“We take utmost care to ensure our customers enjoy the best green-tea experience. It is plastic-free and no stapler pin is used so it is safe and ecofriendly for everyday health support. We always focus on quality consciousness, eco-friendly approach, safety and science-based innovations of Herbal and Ayurvedic remedies that extends a holistic life to each individual.”, says Mr. Maulesh Ukani.


Care Tea organic basket is an assortment of 5 different flavours.


Hibiscus & Red Melon Green Tea


Hibiscus tea and red melon tea is a hot beverage     rich in fragrance and goodness with a flavor of tart and melon. This tea has vitamin C as it’s the main ingredient, and this is what makes it different from the rest of the herbal teas.

Unlike regular black tea or green tea, hibiscus, and red melon green tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea. The tea comes in a brilliant flavor and           aroma and gives you a refreshing taste.



Health Benefits:


•          It is that one tea which is a good tonic for the liver and helps to reduce inflammation significantly.

•          it is best in improving our immunity and fighting against a sore throat or the common cold, while also tasting quite yummy even for herbal tea.

•          It regulates your blood sugar and can control the high blood sugar very effectively.


Japanese Matcha Green Tea


It is an ultimate source of antioxidants rich in EGCg. This tea is surely the hottest tea trend in the beverages industry these days due to its extraordinary taste and amazing health benefits. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, and chlorophyll.


“People in Japan are known to live much longer than the rest of the world. One reason that can be attributed is the consumption of potent anti-oxidant Japanese Matcha Green tea”, says Mr. Maulesh Ukani.

Health Benefits :


•          Lose weight with herbal tea that not only boosts your metabolism but also detoxifies your body and burns calories naturally.

•          Japanese Matcha green tea is a great beverage that helps you improve concentration and balances your hormones and mood.

•          Helps to detoxify your body naturally

•          Improve focus and concentration.


Moringa & Giloy Green Tea


It comes with two flavors: Spearmint & Lemongrass

Moringa a rich source of Calcium with anti-oxidant properties by virtue of its Vitamin, Minerals, Iron and protein content.


Health Benefits :


•          It makes you energize & Improve metabolism.

•          Improves bone and joint health

•          Improves Immunity and helps in body weight management.

•          Makes you relax and energize.



Spiced Green Tea


This green tea comes with Ashwagandha which has magnificent advantages as following:

•          This spiced green tea is immunity booster as it helps in rejuvenation, detoxification, and metabolism

•          Manage sugar levels, Boost brain function, help to maintain youthfulness

•          It comes with Black pepper, which is anti-oxidant manages good cholesterol, helps in arthritis.

•          Also contains Hing and Ginger which is useful to improve appetite, promotes digestion and Cardamom supports weight loss.


“We are pleased to introduce the CARE Organic Green Tea basket to the Indian market. The range of Care organic green tea infused with herbs is formulated to augment your health not just physically but also mentally and spiritually.” says Mr. Maulesh Ukani.


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