Bajaj CNG Bike the “Great Mileage Bike
Bajaj CNG Bike the “Great Mileage Bike

Mumbai  : Get ready to buckle up as we zoom into Bajaj’s sensational release—a CNG bike priced under ₹ 75,000 that delivers an astonishing 152 km mileage. It’s not just a bike; it’s a revolution!


Hold on to your helmets, folks! The two-wheeler market is buzzing with jaw-dropping news that’ll change the game forever. Bajaj, a name synonymous with affordable and efficient biking, is pulling out all the stops. Their upcoming 100cc CNG bike, priced at a mere ₹ 72,000, is eyeing a whopping mileage of 152 km. And wait, there’s more! This baby’s got a reserve tank for petrol too. No more range anxiety, people! Let’s deep-dive into what makes this announcement a revolutionary milestone in the two-wheeler industry.

The Era of CNG—A Wave That’s Here to Stay

Why CNG?

You might be wondering, “Why the switch to CNG?” Well, it’s no secret that electric vehicles have been hogging the limelight, but there’s a catch—range and recharging time. On the flip side, CNG bikes are easy-peasy to refuel, and they offer an incredible range. Plus, Rajiv Bajaj himself mentioned that these bikes could play a crucial role in slashing transportation costs.

Jaw-Dropping Mileage of 152 km
Jaw-Dropping Mileage of 152 km

The GST Factor

The good times are rolling in. Bajaj’s MD, Rajiv Bajaj, recently urged Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to consider a GST reduction on CNG vehicles to 18%. Lower taxes mean happier wallets, am I right?

A Glimpse into the Future

Let’s not kid ourselves; if Bajaj’s taking the plunge into CNG, you can bet your last rupee that other brands will hop on the bandwagon too. From Honda to Hero, TVS to Yamaha, every player is keeping a close eye on this disruptive innovation.

What Makes the Bajaj CNG Bike the “Great Mileage Bike”?

High Mileage, Low Price

The bike is tagged at ₹ 72,000, with a mind-boggling 152 km mileage. Let that sink in. In a market cluttered with gasoline guzzlers, this is the breath of fresh air we all needed.

Dual-Fuel Flexibility

Worried about running out of CNG? Relax! This bike comes equipped with a reserve petrol tank. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Mid-Class Love

Built with the middle-class rider in mind, this 100cc bike is poised to become the new favorite for commuters who’re keen on pinching pennies without compromising on quality.

The Ripple Effect: What to Expect from Other Brands

It’s not just Bajaj setting the pace here. As the saying goes, “When one door opens, a dozen more unlock.” Brands like Honda, Hero, TVS, and Yamaha are most likely formulating their own CNG strategies as we speak.

The Competing Giants

  • Honda: Known for their innovation, what trick will they have up their sleeves?
  • Hero: With a strong presence in the commuter segment, how will they adapt?
  • TVS: Already having electric scooters, how will they blend into the CNG mix?
  • Yamaha: A brand not shy from disruptive innovations; what’s cooking?


When is the Bajaj CNG bike launching?

Details are yet to be confirmed, but brace yourselves, it’s coming soon!

Can it run on petrol if CNG runs out?

Absolutely! It has a reserve petrol tank for such emergencies.

What about the mileage?

It’s aiming for a jaw-dropping 152 km per CNG fill.


All in all, the new CNG bike from Bajaj is far more than just a bike; it’s a catalyst for change. This 100cc machine, offering a stupendous mileage of 152 km for just ₹ 72,000, is set to reshape not just the market but also our mindset. With dual-fuel options and an audience-centric approach, it’s a win-win for everyone! Get ready, because Bajaj’s newest offering is going to loot the entire market in the best way possible!


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