Ayodhya’s Momentous Journey with Rudraksha Blessings


Dear seekers of the sacred and devotees of the divine,

In the celestial journey of faith and devotion, an extraordinary event is set to unfold on the hallowed grounds of Ayodhya. As the auspicious date of January 22, 2024, approaches, the grandeur of Ram Mandir awaits the divine consecration ceremony, a momentous occasion where the very essence of Lord Rama will be enshrined.

The Spiritual Offering from Ratlam

In the heartland of Madhya Pradesh, from the pious city of Ratlam, a spiritual convoy embarks on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya, bearing a unique gift – the sacred Rudraksha beads. Sent as an offering to the divine abode, these beads carry not just religious significance but represent a profound connection between the earthly and the divine.

The Rituals and Devotions

The Vedic Knowledge and Science Awakening Council, along with the All-Brahmin Assembly of Youthful Power, orchestrated a sublime ritual at Rani Ji’s temple, paying homage to the revered Hanuman Ji and Lord Ganesha. The Rudraksha chariot, an embodiment of divine energy, was ceremoniously blessed, symbolizing the journey from Ratlam to Ayodhya.

The Divine Convergence

Ayodhya, the spiritual epicenter, eagerly anticipates the installation of Lord Rama’s life force on January 22. Across the nation, the air resonates with the joy, enthusiasm, and devotion of those who seek solace in the benevolence of Lord Rama.

Meanwhile, the city of Ratlam resonates with bhajans, kirtans, and the rhythmic chanting of the Ram Dhun, as devotees accompany the Rudraksha chariot on its sacred sojourn. The spiritual fervor is palpable as the chariot, under the guardianship of prominent spiritual leaders, sets forth on this divine odyssey.

The Confluence of Spirituality and Tradition

Under the guidance of Swami Atmanand Ji Saraswati from the Shringeri Math, revered Sage Sanjayashivanand Ji Saraswati from the Vedic Knowledge and Science Awakening Council, and the vigilant protection of Pandit Omprakash Trivedi, the guardian of Brahmin Youth Power, the Rudraksha chariot is an embodiment of tradition, spirituality, and divine energy.

The Return Journey

In collaboration with the Daooji Dham Service Committee, the Rudraksha chariot, after delivering its divine cargo to Ayodhya, will return bearing the sacred waters of the Sarayu River and the sacred soil of Ayodhya. This holy offering will be distributed, symbolizing the spiritual unity of the devotees with the sacred land of Ayodhya.


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