Ayodhya will once again set a record of lamps on Diwali


Ayodhya will once again set a record of lamps on Diwali

Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh will once again make a record of lamps on Diwali. Finalization of preparations for this has also been started. PM Modi is going to be present in Ayodhya on this occasion. This time 17 lakh lamps will be lit, the work of laying these lamps has also been completed. The UP government has also appointed a nodal officer for this entire event.

Nodal Officer Ajay Pratap Singh said that from 9 am on the occasion of Deepotsav on October 23, 17 lakh lamps laid by volunteers at 37 ghats would be lit at the appointed time. Necessary guidelines are being given from time to time through loudspeakers to the volunteers at the ghats. Arrangements for refreshments and food have also been made for them. Apart from this, the ghats are being monitored by the police administration.

Entry will not be allowed on the Ghats without the Deepotsav ID card. All volunteers will compulsorily carry their identity cards. Apart from this, Deepotsav officials including Ghat coordinator were posted at 37 ghats of Ram ki Paidi.

Volunteers of Avadh University on Saturday finalized the work of laying diyas on Ram’s foot. To make Deepotsav grand and historic, the university has appointed more than 200 coordinators, group leaders and in-charges at 37 ghats. With the help of 22 thousand volunteers, 17 lakh lamps will be lit. Around 22,000 volunteers of universities, affiliated colleges and voluntary organizations were stationed at the ghats at 10 am. The counting of lamps was started under the supervision of the Ghat coordinators.

After this, the counting of the lamps of the Ghats has been done one by one by the members of the Enumeration Committee of the University. At the same time, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the members of the Guinness Book of World Records team started counting the lamps of each ghats from the cameras. To make Deepotsav grand, a block of 16-16 diyas has been made. In which 256 lamps have been installed. On the other hand, the Ramayana period has been engraved on Ghat number ten, lamps have also been laid in it.


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