Avoid these four gifts that astrology warns can bring bad luck


When we receive a gift, it often fills us with joy and appreciation. Similarly, giving a gift can be a profound way to show someone how special they are. However, according to astrology, there are certain gifts that should be avoided as they can potentially bring negativity and bad luck into one’s life. These gifts are believed to create hurdles, disrupt progress, and invite misfortune. Below, we will delve into four specific items that should neither be given nor accepted as gifts.

1. The Ring: A Symbol of Potential Misfortune

Rings are often considered tokens of affection and commitment. However, astrological beliefs suggest that gifting a ring can have adverse effects. It is said that presenting or receiving a ring can negatively impact the health of the giver. Moreover, it might weaken the financial standing of the person giving the ring, potentially leading to monetary challenges and obstacles in personal progress. The recipient is not spared either; they too could face negative consequences, making this seemingly innocent gift a source of potential distress.

2. Watches: Harbingers of Bad Timing

Watches, symbolizing the passage of time, are another item that astrology advises against gifting. The premise is that if the giver is experiencing a period of misfortune or bad timing, this negative energy can transfer to the recipient through the watch. Consequently, the recipient’s life might start reflecting the bad timing of the giver, leading to a cascade of problems and interruptions in their daily activities and overall progress. Therefore, despite the practicality and elegance of a watch, it is wise to avoid this gift to prevent possible negative repercussions.

3. Pens: Pathways to Financial Troubles

Pens are often given as gifts to symbolize the start of new ventures, careers, or intellectual pursuits. However, according to astrological beliefs, receiving a pen as a gift can invite financial difficulties. The act of giving or receiving a pen is thought to have a direct impact on the financial condition of the recipient, potentially leading to money-related issues and economic instability. The symbolism here is quite potent; just as a pen can write fortunes, it can also inadvertently script financial woes.

4. Shoes and Slippers: Signs of Poverty and Misfortune

Shoes and slippers might seem like practical and thoughtful gifts, but astrology suggests otherwise. These items are believed to symbolize poverty and misfortune. Gifting shoes or slippers is thought to bring problems into the household of the recipient and might also invite the negative influence of Saturn, known for its association with hardship and challenges. The act of giving or receiving footwear is seen as a gesture that can lead to discord and instability, making it a gift best avoided.

Understanding the Astrological Beliefs Behind These Gifts

Astrological beliefs are deeply rooted in the idea that certain objects carry specific energies and symbolism that can affect our lives. Here’s a closer look at why these particular gifts are viewed with caution:

The Ring: An Emblem of Commitment with Consequences

Rings are often associated with significant life events such as engagements and marriages, symbolizing commitment and continuity. However, the closed circular shape of a ring is also seen as a symbol of entrapment and limitation in astrology. When given as a gift, it is believed to trap the giver and receiver in a cycle of bad luck and health issues. Financially, it is thought to bind the giver in a loop of expenses and financial strain, potentially causing long-term economic difficulties.

Watches: Timepieces Tied to Fate

Watches are not just instruments to tell time; they are often linked to one’s fate and life’s journey. Gifting a watch, according to astrology, can transfer the negative time cycles of the giver to the recipient. This transference can manifest as delays, missed opportunities, and overall bad timing in the recipient’s life. The belief is that the synchronization of the giver’s time with the recipient’s can align their fates in undesirable ways, making this gift particularly ominous.

Pens: Instruments of Influence and Wealth

The pen is mightier than the sword, as the saying goes, and in astrology, it holds significant power over one’s financial destiny. Gifting a pen can symbolize a transfer of control over one’s financial stability. The giver might unintentionally transfer their financial burdens or instability to the recipient. Thus, this simple writing instrument becomes a conduit for financial misfortune, affecting the recipient’s ability to achieve economic success and stability.

Shoes and Slippers: Grounding Elements with Negative Connotations

Footwear, which keeps us grounded and protects our feet, has strong symbolic meanings in astrology. Shoes and slippers are seen as items that carry the energy of the journey, including all the hardships and struggles one might face. Gifting these items is believed to transfer the negative energies associated with travel and hardship, bringing about obstacles and challenges in the recipient’s life. Additionally, the connection with Saturn, which governs discipline and restrictions, further solidifies the belief that shoes and slippers as gifts are harbingers of bad luck.

Choose Gifts Wisely to Avoid Unintended Consequences

While the thoughtfulness behind gift-giving is what truly counts, it is essential to be mindful of the astrological implications of certain gifts. Rings, watches, pens, and shoes or slippers, despite their apparent utility and symbolic significance, carry with them potential for negative consequences according to astrological beliefs. By being aware of these superstitions, we can make more informed decisions in our gift-giving practices, ensuring that our gestures of goodwill do not inadvertently invite misfortune. Choose gifts that bring joy and positive energy, and let your thoughtfulness shine through without the risk of unintended negative effects.


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