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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Avian Influenza outbreak in West Benga

invc,, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries (DADF), GOI has notified Avian Influenza outbreak in Hazrabati and Nagar villages [block Khargram], district Murshidabad on 14th January, 2010. More epicentres surfaced in the same block (Haripur, Ninur, Pathai, Dhamaliara & Diara). State Government also notified outbreaks in the Faridpur, Budua, Khorjona, Simulia villages of Burwan Block. • A Central Rapid Response Team of MOHFW is stationed at Murshidabad to assist the state health authorities. • Containment measures have been carried out as per the contingency plan of DADF. So far 150686 birds have been culled and 18190 eggs have been destroyed. • 515 poultry workers/cullers / veterinary surgeons involved in culling operations have been put on chemoprophylaxis. • The Surveillance activities are going on in 0-3 Km and 3-10Km area. In 0-3Km area, out of a total of 82195 population, 75630 have been covered on 07.02.2010 and 3 persons have been identified with Fever/URI.In 3-10Km area, out of a total of 211445 population, 86998 have been covered on 07.02.2010 and 8 persons have been found with Fever/URI, but none of them has history of contact with infected poultry. • The identified hospital has reported 3 cases of fever with URI but none of them has history of contact with infected poultry. • State Govt. has adequate stock of oseltamivir and personal protective equipment. • Situation is being monitored on a daily basis.



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