Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Author Sudeep Nagarkar has launched his new book Our Story Needs No Filter

Author-Sudeep-NagarkarINVC NEWS New Delhi, Well-known author Sudeep Nagarkar has launched his new book Our Story Needs No Filter in the presence of Shri Sunil Ambekar Ji (National Organisation Secretary, ABVP), Dr. Dhananjay Singh Ji (Centre for English Studies,  School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, JNU) at JNU. The book has revolved around "Sometimes, love is just an illusion. Sometimes, it becomes the sole purpose of your life.While stories on social media were trending, Raghu was lost in books. For him, even the idea of falling in love was limited to books-until he met Ruhi. As their love plays out against the backdrop of the upcoming student elections, Raghu finds himself embroiled in a mess he cannot seem to get out of. When his closest friends hatch a plan to rescue him, it only puts him in further jeopardy.Will his love sail through or will it get swept away by the storm of campus politics?Set in this elaborate socio-political milieu, Sudeep's new book explores the dark side of relationships, the pursuit of power and the hypocrisy of the powerful. He told the readers that The book exposes the pseudo secular who brainwash students and explores the dark side of relationships and hypocrisy of politics. I always wanted to write about the world of student politics but was waiting for the right time. But during 2016 JNU protests, when I saw many innocent students blindly falling prey to false ideologies, I made up my mind to pen down the other side of the story. Though the book has fictional elements, it exposes the pseudo seculars like Kanhaiya Kumar who brainwash students! Sudeep Nagarkar – An author of eight bestselling novels - Few Things Left Unsaid, That’s the Way We Met, It Started With A Friend Request, Sorry You’re Not My Type, You’re The Password to my Life, You’re Trending In My Dreams, She Swiped Right Into My Heart & All Rights Reserved For You .  His 3rd book was listed as the popular Fiction book of 2013 by Amazon. His 4th book was 2nd most popular book in Indian Fiction as per Amazon in 2014. His 7th book ‘She swiped right into my heart’ was the most popular book of 2016 on Amazon. He was nominated in ‘Top 100 influential celebrities of India of 2014’ by Forbes for two consecutive years. His entire collection of books together has sold more than a million copies and his book ‘She swiped right into my heart’ was at NO 1 on Neilsen lists for more than 12 weeks. His latest book ‘Our Story Needs No Filter’ is the fastest selling novel even before release! Sudeep Nagarkar is also awarded with ‘Youth Achievers award’ in 2013 for being one of the youngest bestseller in India and motivational speaker. He was also awarded ‘Celebrity Author of 2013’ by one of the biggest online portal Amazon. He has written a Marathi show for Star Network. Sudeep’s books are inspired from real life incidents. They have been translated into regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu etc. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University and has completed his management studies from Welingkar Institute of Management. He is also a motivational speaker and has given guest lectures in various institutes and organizations. He resides in Mumbai and engages with his half a million fans on Facebook and Twitter.



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