Australia is also concerned about the increasing interference of China in the Solomon Islands.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu targeted on Saturday for China’s intention to claim geographical rights over Taiwan. He said that the democracies of the world should unite to counter these activities of Beijing. Wu referred to China’s growing antics in Asia and beyond.

“It is time for democracy to unite. China’s actions are not limited to Taiwan or the South China Sea. Australia is also concerned about China’s increasing interference in the Solomon Islands. China is also engaged in setting up a base in Djibouti.
Foreign Minister Joseph Wu also referred to the economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka. He said China trapped the island nation with its huge infrastructure projects and a web of debt.

The action taken by China in Sri Lanka is eye-opening. He praised Japan for standing firmly with Taiwan and said that other countries should also come along.

Amidst the tension, Taiwan has also appealed to India for help. Actually, Taiwan wants to join the International Criminal Police Organization ie Interpol. For this he is seeking help from India. The commissioner of the Crime Investigation Bureau said, “Taiwan is not a member of Interpol. We cannot send our delegation to the General Assembly. India is the host country, which has the power to invite us. We expect India and other countries to invite Taiwan as an observer.

Taiwan has been resisting pressure from Beijing to accept Chinese political control over the self-governing island. A few days ago, missiles were fired from Chinese ships and aircraft into Taiwan’s maritime and airspace. It is known that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Taiwan, due to which China is furious. The relations between China and Taiwan are said to be in the most delicate phase so far. PLC/GT


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