New Delhi : A threatening letter has surfaced from the terrorist group Kashmir Fight. The terrorist group has called for attacks to be carried out in the same manner as Hamas had attacked Israel some time ago. Terrorist group Kashmir Fight has asked its members to target tourists, non-locals, security forces. Also, the terrorist group has asked its members to target the Prime Minister and the Home Minister.

Kashmir Fight has asked its terrorists to target high-profile personalities. The organization has written in a threatening letter that the massacre taking place in Gaza is an eye-opener for all those who have expectations from the United Nations or other human rights groups and countries. Dead silence is the living testimony of these so-called protectors of peace. Also said that if these hypocrites are ready for Gaza massacre, then also think about the future of HOJK.

It is now time for the armed resistance fighters in IIJK to change their strategy and focus on high-profile targets in and around the authoritarian Indian regime. The terrorist organization has said in its letter that this is a dangerous situation and the armed resistance fighters have to come out and attack exactly where it hurts the most. Concentrate on targets and deploy groups.


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