Attack on Hindu Temples Again in Canada

president joe biden , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , Pm narendra modi
president joe biden , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , Pm narendra modi

INVC NEWS : In Toronto, the Indo-Canadian community has expressed dismay over a spate of robberies targeting Hindu temples in the Ontario province. Unknown individuals broke into the Vaishno Devi Temple in Oakville, vandalizing the premises, stealing cash from donation boxes placed in front of deities, and causing damage to offices, including the theft of equipment used for video recording. In response to security concerns, both external and internal closed-circuit cameras have been installed.

Community Outcry and Police Investigation

Keshav Agnihotri, the temple’s president, voiced the community’s shock at the thefts, questioning why such incidents should occur at a religious site. He noted that officers from the Halton Regional Police Service had visited the temple to investigate the crime. However, concerns within the community remain unabated.

The incident has sparked widespread concern, with the National Alliance of Indo-Canadians calling for condemnation from all right-thinking Canadians against the targeted thefts and vandalism of Hindu places of worship. Community leader Ruchi Wali questioned when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the RCMP would address the ongoing issue and not dismiss it as an isolated incident.

Growing Apprehension and Calls for Action

The incidents have left the community feeling vulnerable. There is growing apprehension about the safety of religious institutions, with many questioning the adequacy of security measures in place. The repeated attacks on Hindu temples have raised concerns about the need for enhanced security and vigilance within the community.

Collaborative Efforts for Resolution

Efforts are underway to address the situation collaboratively. Community leaders are engaging with law enforcement agencies to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent further incidents. Discussions are ongoing to develop strategies aimed at enhancing security and safeguarding religious institutions from such attacks in the future.

Appeal for Unity and Support

In the face of adversity, the Indo-Canadian community appeals for unity and support from fellow Canadians. It underscores the importance of standing together to protect religious freedom and uphold the values of tolerance and respect for all faiths. Together, Canadians can send a strong message against acts of bigotry and vandalism that seek to divide communities.


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