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Saturday, December 5th, 2020



"  Hotspot Combines Modern Chinese Flavours, Ancient Asian Influences and Stylish Design With Culinary Skill of Executive Chef Jeff Tan " Contemporary Chinese with a traditional twist. Modern food combined with time honoured traditions. Stylish atmosphere with a warm welcome. Today, Atlantis, The Palm announced the opening of the much-anticipated new restaurant bar and lounge, YUAN. Taking guests on a gastronomic adventure through China while redefining Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine, Executive Chef Jeff Tan, formerly of Hakkasan Mayfair, will amaze diners with his enticing dishes filled with startling combinations, incredible drinks and dynamic presentation. “The concept behind YUAN is to provide our guests with a traditional Chinese experience in a vibrant and sophisticated setting, but also include shocking touches that you've never seen in this region. We wanted everything about the concept to be thrilling and totally unexpected,” commented Serge Zaalof, President & Managing Director at Atlantis, The Palm. "We’re thrilled that Executive Chef Jeff Tan has come on board with us to revolutionise the idea of modern Chinese cuisine in Dubai. Our dishes at YUAN are unique, bold and will satisfy all palates." YUAN has created a mouth-watering menu of traditional Cantonese dishes blended seamlessly with high-quality, fresh ingredients and accentuated by contemporary Western cooking methods. YUAN’s spin on Chinese staples such as Sweet ‘N’ Sour Chicken demonstrates the restaurant's creativity and flair, with pineapple being complemented by crisp, tart pear for an exciting and delectable twist. The dim sum offering is inviting and indulgent, with a variety of flavours designed to entice the senses. The Steamed Dim Sum Platter and Wok-seared and Crispy Dim Sum Platter are perfect for sharing, while Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll with Shrimp and Steamed Chicken Dumpling Infused with Shrimp, Mushroom and Tobiko can be enjoyed as an entrée or form part of a main meal. The menu at YUAN also boasts an exceptional list of tempting Oriental BBQ specialities, from classics such as Peking Duck and Crispy Roast Chicken marinated in five spices, to 26 hours Braised Beef Cheek. Seafood dishes range from Oven-Roasted Chilean Sea Bass Fillet with Honey Infused Superior Soya Sauce on sautéed scallop, prawn and mushroom to Sautéed Prawn with Alaska King Crab in Szechuan Hot Bean Sauce. Yuan will also serve a wide range of meat and poultry dishes along with the perfect accompaniments of rice and noodles. Further, YUAN introduces the tea ceremony - one of China’s greatest cultural traditions - to  the region. Prepared by Dubai’s first Kung Fu tea master, the ceremony offers guests the chance to enjoy the flavors and aromas of specially handcrafted teas brought from the country’s different regions.Yuan_048_131013 “The design of the restaurant mirrors a Siheyuan, a traditional Chinese house, and we’ve taken every step to ensure that the experience is as authentic and balanced as possible offering a stylish setting with a fantastic ambience for one to enjoy a night out and share a delicious dish,” continues Zaalof. “Our guest will be blown away the minute they walk through the gated entrance and are swept away by the beautiful inner courtyard, incredible staff and exceptional service."



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