Sun transit and its effect on the zodiac signs
Sun transit and its effect on the zodiac signs

Astrology Sun transit 2023: Astrology Sun’s Sankranti is an important transit. A lot of impact is seen on the common life from this transit. After this transit, the change of Sun in the Indian climate has a negative effect on many zodiac signs.

One of the transits of the Sun in Pisces is the Sun, that too in the zodiac sign of God’s Guru, which is ruled by Lord Jupiter himself. The relationship between Sun and Jupiter is very good. The auspiciousness of both the planets in the horoscope indicates happiness for the native. Pisces is the sign of water element, the same Sun is of fierce nature, which will be auspicious for the person. Sun is the friend of the planets. Whereas Jupiter is the king of the planets. Sun will show a positive effect on many zodiac signs.

Effect of sun transit

There will be no increase in inflation due to this transit. But, an increase in the prices of fruits and dry vegetables like potatoes can be seen. There will be an increase in the price of oilseeds. There may be rain and storm in the southern regions. In common parlance, the sun is also called dynamic. When Sun is exalted in the horoscope, the person becomes a high authority. The idea of government through the Sun Sun gives respect, respect, health, wealth and rights. Sun is bright, kind to the poor and makes life great. It rules the fifth sign in the horoscope. Sun is exalted in Aries. On the other hand, there are lowly people in Libra zodiac. Being in the tenth house gives a lot of benefits. Let’s know when the Sun is transiting…

Know when the Sun will transit and its effect on the zodiac signs

On March 15, 2023, Wednesday morning at 06.47 am, it will leave Aquarius and enter Pisces.

Aries : Eye disease that is being careful will trouble you. There will be mental disorder. Control your speech. Pay attention to your health.

Taurus : Use the time. Income will be fine. Will get the happiness of the child. Best time for students.

Gemini:  People who are doing business of land building. They will get benefit. Will get happiness like a king. Those who are preparing for government job will get success.

Cancer : Long journey will be made. There will be fame and fame. People will admire you. Will get the happiness of brother. Enemy will be destroyed.

Lion : Health will not be good. Control your anger. Will get the benefit of money. There will be a dispute with the family. Morale will remain high.

Virgo : Married life will not be happy. There will be unnecessary tension. Ego will fill inside you. People who are preparing for jobs. They will get benefit. People who have blood pressure. Give your attention.

Libra : Health will be fine. Enemies will be defeated. There will be eye disease. There will be relief in the work of the court. Control the expenses.

Scorpio : Economic benefits will be fine for the people doing the job. There will be anti-celery. The intelligence and memory power of the students will be fine. Those who are preparing for competitive exams, they will be successful.

Sagittarius : Your fame will remain. There will be knowledge of secret knowledge. All the stalled works will be completed. There will be a decrease in family happiness. Better time for job and businessman.

Capricorn : Will get angry on small things. You will be fearless. Will be courageous, will help others. Religious journey will be made.

Aquarius : People of this zodiac will remain short of money. Control your speech. Will get the happiness of the family. There will be a decrease in the happiness of ancestral property.

Pisces : There will be tension with the life partner. It is going to be good for people working in government jobs and private sector. The chances of promotion have become. Court related work will be completed.


People whose Sun is bad, should put red flowers in water in a copper vessel and give water to Lord Bhaskar daily. Recite this mantra together.

Om Ahi Surya Sahastransho Tejo Rashe Jagatpate, Anukampyema Bhaktya, Grihanarghay Diwakar. Do recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra everyday.


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