astrological benefits of wearing white clothes on holi
astrological benefits of wearing white clothes on holi

Astrological benefits of wearing white clothes: Like many other festivals of Hindus, Holika-Dahan is also a symbol of good over evil. By the way, white color is a symbol of peace, but on a festival like Holi, the dress code of Holi from men to women is white.

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The festival of Holi will be celebrated on 8 March i.e. Wednesday this year. Putting aside grievances, people together celebrate the joy of this festival by getting drenched in the colors of Holi. Bhang, Thandai, Gujiya and Malpua are the trends to be prepared and eaten on Holi, but there is another trend, which is followed a lot on the occasion of Holi, that is wearing white colored clothes. After all, why are white clothes worn, let’s know what is the secret of wearing white clothes on Holi?

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White color symbolizes peace and positivity
On the day of Holi, people celebrate this festival together by forgetting all the bad memories. Wearing white clothes shows that you are cool and comfortable from inside, so people wear white clothes because of this.

astrological benefits of wearing white clothes
astrological benefits of wearing white clothes

White blends well with other colors
The biggest reason for wearing white clothes is that the rest of the colors climb on it very well, due to which the photos come out very well. Blue, yellow, pink, violet, green, orange… all these colors stand out on white color as compared to other colors.

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White color makes you feel cool in summer
Wearing white colored clothes in Holi reduces the heat. One feels comfortable by wearing white clothes.

White is the symbol of goodness and truth
Prahlad, the eldest son of Hiranyakashipu, was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad continued to worship Vishnu despite his father telling him lakhs. Despite being the son of a demon, Prahlad became a great devotee of Narayana as a result of the teachings of Narada Muni.

Asuradhipati Hiranyakashyap also tried many times to kill his son but Lord Narayan himself kept protecting him and not even a hair was spared. Holika, the sister of the Asura king, had received such a sheet from Lord Shankar, which could not be burnt by fire if covered. Holika covered that sheet and sat on the pyre with Prahlad in her lap. ,

Fortunately, that sheet flew over Prahlad, which saved Prahlad’s life and burnt Holika. In this way, like many other festivals of Hindus, Holika-Dahan is also a symbol of good over evil. In such a situation, white color is considered a symbol of truth.


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