AstraZeneca Admits Covishield Side Effects: Covishield vaccine can cause blood clots


London : Vaccine maker AstraZeneca has admitted for the first time in a British court that its Covid-19 vaccine may cause rare side effects like TTS. TTS i.e. Thrombocytopenia Syndrome causes blood clotting in the body. The person suffering from this may suffer serious problems like stroke, heart failure etc.

The documents presented in the British High Court, AstraZeneca has admitted the side effects. However, even after accepting the side effects caused by the vaccine, the company is opposing claims of diseases or ill effects caused by it. This news is also very important for India, because during the spread of Covid-19, the same Oxford-AstroZeneca vaccine was used on a large scale here under the name of Covishield.

Indian company Serum Institute of India produced this vaccine in the country under the license obtained from AstraZeneca and it was not only used in India’s Covid vaccination campaign, but was also exported to many countries of the world. Apart from Covishield, this vaccine was also sold under the brand name Vaxjaveria in many countries. This lawsuit against AstraZeneca has been filed by Jamie Scott, who suffered brain damage after taking this vaccine. Many families had also complained about the side effects of this vaccine in the court.

The complainants who reached the court have demanded compensation from the company for the damage caused to the body. The special thing is that Britain has now banned this vaccine due to security reasons. After this acceptance of the company, the number of people demanding compensation may also increase.

After Covid in India, the number of such deaths had increased significantly, the cause of which was not clearly known. Most of these were linked to some physical problem or the other and the government and the health world never believed that this could happen due to the side effects of the Covid vaccine. Now after this acceptance of the company, a round of lawsuits is likely to start in India also.

Medical experts said that in rare cases, Thrombosis Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) may occur after the use of some vaccines. His statement comes after pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca admitted before the court that the Covid vaccines developed by it, Covishield and Vaxzeveria, can cause TTS in some cases.

TTS is related to the formation of clots in the blood vessels of the brain or other internal organs and low platelet count. AstraZeneca developed anti-Covid vaccines with Oxford University. In many British media reports, the company’s vaccine has been accused of causing serious diseases and deaths. These types of reports have been published in many reputed magazines.  It has been prepared using the viral vector platform. The vaccine uses a chimpanzee adenovirus modified to make it capable of carrying the COVID-19 spike protein into human cells.


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