Assam government scraps Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act 1935 – All marriages will be conducted under the Special Marriage Act


Guwahati : The Assam government abolished the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act 1935 in the state. This decision was taken in the state cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. Now all marriages in the state will be done under the Special Marriage Act. Minister of State Jayant Mallabarua called it a big step towards the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). He said that this will also stop child marriages taking place in the state. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma informed about the abolition of Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act 1935 at 12:11 am on Friday.

Minister of State Mallabarua said that the Chief Minister said that we are moving towards Uniform Civil Code. An important decision has been taken in this regard. Now no Muslim marriage or divorce will be registered in Assam. He further said that we have a special marriage act, so we want all the matters to be resolved through that act. Now registration of Muslim marriage and divorce will be done by the District Commissioner and District Registrar. Those who were working under this Divorce Registration Act will be removed and in return all of them will be given a lump sum compensation of Rs 2 lakh each.

Towards a Uniform Civil Code

Minister of State Mallabarua reiterated the Chief Minister’s vision of Uniform Civil Code (UCC), highlighting the government’s commitment to harmonizing legal practices across diverse communities. This strategic move towards standardization reflects Assam’s aspiration for equitable and just governance.

Registration Process Update

With the abolition of the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act 1935, all Muslim marriages and divorces in Assam will now be registered by the District Commissioner and District Registrar. This centralized approach ensures consistency and transparency in the registration process, bolstering public trust in the legal system.

Compensation for Registrars

To facilitate the transition, the government has announced a compensation package for registrars previously employed under the Divorce Registration Act. Each registrar will receive a lump sum compensation of Rs 2 lakh, demonstrating the government’s commitment to supporting individuals affected by legislative changes.

Ensuring Smooth Transition

As Assam embarks on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive legal framework, efforts are underway to ensure a seamless transition for all stakeholders. The government remains dedicated to upholding the rights and dignity of every citizen, irrespective of their religious or cultural background.


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