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Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

ASCC to tally failed to safeguard the interest of Sikh Community

American Sikh Congressional Caucus (ASCC) totally failed to safeguard the interest of Sikh Community in the United States for which American Sikh community is not satisfied with the performance of this American Sikh Congressional Caucus.This was stated by Satnam Singh Chahal executive director of North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) in a press release issued here today.Chahal”s reaction came soon after the Annual event of  American Sikh Congressional Caucus (ASCC) in the capitol which was attended by top Caucus functionaries, including Co-Chairs Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27) and Congressman David Valadao (CA-21), apart from a galaxy of the Congressmen and friends of the ASCC.
Chahal said that Several Sikh community members are detained in different detention centers of United States and they are seeeking for their transfers nearest to their relatives locations.Chahal said these Sikh detainees told him that they were not gettinNAPA Slams American Sikh Congress Caucus for not safeguarding the interest of Sikh Communityg good food to eat,enough medical facilities in the detention centeres.More than this these Sikh detainees are being discrimninated in these detention centers.Non vegetarian food is being mixed in the food of  Sikh vegetarian detainees. There is no place in our country for such a thing, and it was shocking for us. But no body bothered to solve the issuers and concerns of these Sikh detaines.Chahal questioned that the formation of American Sikh Congressional Caucus (ASCC)  only for the welfare of few Sikhs or for the whole American Sikh Community.Chahal said that it seems that this group was being formed to gain political interest and not for the welfare of Sikh Community.If American Sikh Congressional Caucus (ASCC) will not serve the required purpose then there is no fun to form this kind of Congressional Caucus. The success of the caucus activities should be gauged from the  its performance and not from the increasing numbers of American Sikh Congressional Caucus (ASCC) said Chahal. It must be noted that the ASCC came in existence a year after the Oak Creek incident.



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