Unraveling the Political Landscape in Bilaspur: Arun Sao’s Journey

Arun Sao
Arun Sao

Bilaspur : At the heart of Bilaspur, a political bulldozer is set in motion, steering through the realms of governance and law. Arun Sao, an adept statesman, recently assumed the mantle of deputy chief minister at a clandestine ceremony at Science College Ground, affirming his commitment to public service and confidentiality.

Early Life and Education

Born in the rustic village of Lohadiya, Arun Sao’s tryst with ideology began at his formative years. Infused with nationalist principles, he pursued education at Bekam SNG College, Mungeli, and later at L.L.B. Kaushalendra Rao Law College, Bisalpur.

Legal Odyssey

Arun embarked on his legal journey in 1996, initiating his practice at the Civil Court in Mungeli. The corridors of justice led him to the Chhattisgarh High Court in Bilaspur, where he ascended through the ranks, serving as an advocate, public prosecutor, and eventually as deputy attorney general.

Political Foray

In a political crescendo, Arun contested and triumphed in the 17th Lok Sabha elections from Bilaspur constituency. His tenure in the parliament sao him championing the cause of Bilaspur’s issues and addressing the broader concerns of Chhattisgarh.

Lok Sabha Stint

As a parliamentarian, Arun Sao passionately navigated the hallowed halls of the Lok Sabha, fervently representing the challenges faced by Bilaspur district and the broader state of Chhattisgarh. His interventions resonated with the plight of the people and the pressing needs of the region.

Return to Roots: The Lorami Saga

Undeterred by the corridors of power, Arun Sao chose to return to the grassroots. In a twist of political fate, he contested elections from Lorami and emerged victorious, once again reaffirming his connect with the people.

The Sahu Connection

Hailing from the Sahu community, Arun Sao stems from an agrarian lineage. His birth into the family of the late Abhayram Sao is a testament to his roots. Arun has actively contributed to various facets of public life, drawing from his diverse experiences.

A Dynamic Public Figure

Beyond the political spectrum, Arun Sao has been an active participant in public life, seamlessly integrating his wealth of experiences into the fabric of societal progress. His unwavering commitment to public welfare stands as a testament to his dynamic presence in various sectors.


The journey of Arun Sao, from a humble village to the echelons of power, reflects the resilience of a man deeply committed to serving the people. As he takes on the role of deputy chief minister, the bulldozer of governance and justice plows through, promising a transformation for Bilaspur and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What prompted Arun Sao to enter politics?

Arun Sao’s political journey was fueled by a deep-seated commitment to addressing the issues faced by his constituency and a desire to contribute to the welfare of the people.

2. How has Arun Sao balanced his legal and political careers?

Arun Sao seamlessly navigated both legal and political landscapes, leveraging his legal acumen to address the intricacies of governance and justice.

3. What are the key challenges faced by Bilaspur that Arun Sao aims to address?

Arun Sao has prioritized addressing the specific challenges faced by Bilaspur, focusing on infrastructural development, social welfare, and economic progress.

4. How does Arun Sao’s return to Lorami showcase his commitment to grassroots politics?

Arun Sao’s decision to contest and win elections from Lorami highlights his dedication to staying connected with the people and addressing their concerns directly.


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