Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Art Exhibition : The Cycle of Life - Abstract expressionism at its best

Nakul Verma,INVCNEWSINVC NEWS Gurgaon, Public spaces along the Gurgaon  will be  brought to life with an exciting, temporary outdoor exhibition organized by  Mr.Nakul Verma. The exhibition will run over the next two months which will include uniquely designed abstracts and pencil art

Mr.Nakul is committed to promoting temporary public art in all its forms as part of his continuing attempts to nurture,beautify and enliven public spaces, enhance public life and create an enabling environment for public art.

Nakul’s paintings are vibrant and have a sensitive approach to his personal feelings on the visual medium. In his abstracts as well as his portraits and drawings, the artist brings the work alive with his individual vision, exuberant brushstroke and highly creative palette. There is a story in every colour, line and stroke.

The artist’s masterful colour uses, sharp lines, geometric cubism, rhythmic strokes and contours recount the saga of his personal feelings and individual beliefs. Thus, Nakul has created an art language of his own. His recent works will be displayed at the exhibition which will evoke innovative forms .

For me, colour expression is very personal. I like using bright colours. When I put them side by side relating to each other on the canvas, it gives me a great feeling,”says, the artistic Nakul Verma.

Nakul, an incessant explorer of art since an early age, believes that human life is firmly intertwined with nature and the universe. “Everything we do in our life has an outcome and we have to remember that truth,” said the artist.



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