New Delhi,
The Second Meeting of the Inter Ministerial Committee on Prices and Availability of essential food items was held here today. The Committee reviewed the current status of the arrival of imported pulses and onion. On pulses, MMTC appraised that 2500 MT of the imported Tur will arrive in three tranches at Chennai Port and similar quantity of around 2500 MT of Tur will arrive at JNPT in four tranches beginning from 23rd September, 2015. The entire consignment of 5000 MT of Tur would be received at the two Ports by 20th October, 2015. To further improve the availability, import of additional 5000 MT of Tur has also been approved. MMTC has already floated a tender of procurement of Tur on 11th September, 2015 with the bid opening date of 21st September, 2015.

With respect to Urad MMTC indicated that 5000 MT of Urad from Myanmar will be received at the Chennai and JNPT. Both the port will received around 2500 MT each by 20th October, 2015.

As States have indicated their inability to process the imported un-milled pulses, MMTC was advised to float a tender for milling the imported pulses i.e. Tur and Urad. This would ensure quicker uptakes by the States and also its distribution to consumer.

As regards imports of Onion MMTC informed that about 1000 MT is expected by 1st week of October, 2015 and another 1000 MT by 2nd & 3rd week of October, 2015 at JNPT, Mumbai. As directed by Union Minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution in the review meeting held on 10th September, 2015 MMTC have also floated a tender for import of 1000 MT of onion on 11th September, 2015 and the bid would be opened on 18th September, 2015.

These imports are expected to improve the availability of pulses and onion and moderate their prices.


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