South Central Railway Announces Route Diversions for Key Trains


The South Central Railway (SCR) has announced significant changes to the route of several key trains due to essential interlocking works at the Asifabad Road and Rechni Road stations. These works are part of the broader third-line construction project in the Kazipet-Ballarshah section of the Secunderabad division. As a result, travelers on the AP Express and Swarn Jayanti Express will experience route diversions from late June to early July.

Impact on AP Express and Swarn Jayanti Express

The route diversions are set to affect a number of services, with the AP Express and Swarn Jayanti Express taking alternate paths. Instead of their usual journey through Visakhapatnam-Duvvada-Vijayawada-Warangal-Ballarshah, the trains will now traverse via Vijayanagaram-Raigad-Titlagarh-Raipur-Nagpur. This change is aimed at ensuring the smooth completion of the interlocking works without disrupting the overall train schedules.

Detailed Schedule and Dates of Diversions

  • AP Express (Train No. 12723/12724): The AP Express will operate on the diverted route from June 22 to July 5.
  • Swarn Jayanti Superfast Express (Train No. 12781/12782): This train will run on the diverted route on June 24 and 28 and July 1 and 5.
  • Swarn Jayanti Express (Train No. 12791/12792): The diverted route will be in effect on June 23, 26, 30 and July 3.

Implications for Passengers

The changes in the train routes necessitate that passengers plan their journeys accordingly. The diversion means that stops at certain stations like Visakhapatnam, Duvvada, Vijayawada, Warangal, and Ballarshah will be bypassed, which might require passengers to adjust their travel plans.

Alternate Travel Arrangements

Passengers who regularly travel on the affected trains should consider alternative travel arrangements during the specified dates. Booking tickets on other available routes or trains that continue to service the usual stops might be necessary. Additionally, passengers should stay informed by checking the latest updates from SCR regarding train schedules and route modifications.

The Importance of the Interlocking Works

The interlocking works at the Asifabad Road and Rechni Road stations are a critical part of the infrastructure enhancement project in the Kazipet-Ballarshah section. This project is aimed at increasing the line capacity, ensuring better punctuality, and enhancing the safety of train operations. These works are crucial for accommodating the increasing traffic and improving the overall efficiency of the South Central Railway network.

Customer Support and Information

The SCR has assured passengers that adequate support and information will be provided during this period. Passengers are encouraged to utilize the various customer service channels available, including the official SCR website, mobile applications, and helpline numbers, to stay updated on any changes or additional advisories.

Historical Context and Future Prospects

The Kazipet-Ballarshah section has always been a pivotal part of the South Central Railway, serving as a major corridor for both passenger and freight trains. The ongoing infrastructure developments, including the interlocking works, are part of a long-term vision to modernize and expand the railway network. These improvements are expected to significantly enhance the capacity and reliability of the services, benefiting millions of passengers and boosting economic activities in the region.


While the temporary route diversions for the AP Express and Swarn Jayanti Express may cause some inconvenience, they are necessary for the successful completion of the critical interlocking works at Asifabad Road and Rechni Road. Passengers are advised to plan their journeys in advance, stay informed through official channels, and make use of alternative travel arrangements if needed. These efforts by the South Central Railway are a step towards a more efficient and safer railway network, promising a better travel experience in the future.

Travel Tips for Affected Passengers

  1. Check for Updates Regularly: Keep an eye on the SCR official website and social media channels for the latest updates on train schedules and routes.
  2. Plan Alternative Routes: If your usual train is affected, consider booking tickets on other trains or routes that still service your desired stops.
  3. Arrive Early: Given the changes, it’s advisable to arrive at the station earlier than usual to account for any unexpected delays or changes.
  4. Customer Support: Utilize the SCR helpline numbers for real-time assistance and clarification on any concerns related to the diversions.
  5. Stay Informed: Subscribe to SMS or email alerts from the railway authorities for timely notifications about any further changes.

By adhering to these guidelines, passengers can ensure a smoother travel experience during the period of route diversions.

Future Improvements and Expectations

The completion of the interlocking works and the third line project will mark a significant milestone in the modernization of the South Central Railway. This enhancement will pave the way for more frequent and reliable train services, reducing congestion and delays. Passengers can look forward to improved connectivity and travel convenience as the SCR continues its efforts to upgrade the railway infrastructure.

In summary, while the route diversions for the AP Express and Swarn Jayanti Express are a temporary inconvenience, they are a necessary step towards achieving a more robust and efficient railway system. Passengers are encouraged to stay informed, plan accordingly, and look forward to the long-term benefits of these essential infrastructure improvements.


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