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Sunday, October 24th, 2021

Anuja Kapur honoured with the 4th award in a row at Women Excellence Achiever’s Award

Criminal-Psychologist-AnujaINVC NEWS NEW Delhi,

In today’s world there are many problems which everyone country is facing and Women related issues are one of the main problems which India is facing specially in rural areas. Women are fighting against all odds to achieve their respective goals. And to honour these women, WEAA organised an award function to honour these women who are working very hard in their respective field and working not for themselves only but for society also. Women Excellence Achiever’s Award (WEAA) was held in Grand Uniara Hotel, Jaipur by Harish Soni to felicitate the women from different fields for their outstanding contribution. Famous Criminal Psychologist Anuja Kapur was third time in a row awarded with the best criminal psychologist award for her outstanding work for the society.

This is the fourth award in a row for Anuja Kapur and third in a row for the criminal psychologist category. Speaking on the award show Mrs. Kapur extend her gratitude to Harish Soni and other organisers who believed in her work and honoured her with the award, she further said there was the time when people consider women as the weakness symbol but with the passing time women stood firm and done a remarkable job in every field. We need to understand the importance of the women in the country to make the progress. There is a very famous saying that when you empower a man, you empower a family, but when you empower a woman you empower a whole nation”. So like this function we need to come forward to support the women who are working hard in their respective sector and they need to be looked.

The event was witnessed with some high dignitaries who grace the occasion. WEAA organised the award ceremony to honour the women across the country who are working in different circumstances to achieve something their life and specially those women who are working differently in their field. WEAA is a private body who love to honour the working women of every sector.



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