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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Antony visited the exhibition organised by departmental Territorial Army units

INVC,, Delhi,, A majestic Prime Minister's Territorial Army Day Parade was held here today. Martial tunes, smartly turned out contingents and a large crowd added fervour and enthusiasm to the environment. The Parade was held to commemorate 61 Glorious years of the Territorial Army. In an impressive ceremony, the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony, reviewed the parade, after being received by Maj Gen HK Singh, Additional Director General, Territorial Army. The parade was also attended by Minister of State for Defence Shri MM Pallam Raju, three Service Chiefs and other civil and military dignitaries, including military and defence attaches from foreign countries. The parade, commanded by Col DS Chauhan, comprised of 10 Marching contingents, 14 Pipe bands and four military brass bands. Smart drill movements and exhilarating march past, by the Terriers of Citizen's Army, filled the spectators with a feeling of national pride. This year's added attraction was a display of specialist dogs and their handlers, involved in executing operations in J&K as well as the North East. This was followed by the Citizen soldiers on 103 Cycles, led by Capt SS Chauhan, who had undertaken a Trans India Cycle Expedition 'Pradeshik Bhraman', completing 1,30,000 kms across the country. Subsequently, Shri Antony visited the exhibition organised by departmental Territorial Army units, including units of Railways, Oil Sector, General Hospital and Ecological Task Forces. It provided an insight into the functioning of these units as also their achievements, during hours of crisis, in peace as well as war. "Environment Protection" was an important highlight of this exhibition.



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