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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Another Industry first. Videocon Telecom offers Unlimited Data on its all data packs

INVC NEWS Chandigarh,
 Videocon Telecom, the versatile, friendly and dynamic telecom brand of the $10 billion worth Videocon Group today announced an unique offer to delight its Prepaid mobile customers. The telco will now offer Unlimited Data to its customers in Punjab on all the data packs. Conventionally, data packs offered by various telecom operators have two aspects i.e. (a) quota of Bundled Data on the pack, and (b) validity of the pack in days. Videocon Telecom has completely taken away the first aspect ie quota of bundled data on its packs by offering Unlimited data to its customers on all the data packs within the validity of pack(s), so in short, the customers of the telco will now only pay for the validity of the data packs and enjoy Unlimited Data. The new benefit of unlimited data packs will be applicable on all Prepaid Data Packs of the telco starting at price point of Rs 9 and going upto Rs 251.  On the price point of Rs 9 pack, Videocon Telecom will offer Unlimited data to its customers for 2 days against the earlier benefit of 150 MB for 2 days. Likewise mid price point data pack of Rs 58, against the earlier benefit of 700 MB for 7 days, the customer will get Unlimited data for 8 days. And on higher price point data packs such as Rs 198 data pack, customer will now be able to enjoy Unlimited data for 40 days against the earlier benefit of 4GB for 28 days. So in short, in addition to Unlimited data benefits, Videocon Telecom customer will also get additional validity on some packs. The telco feels that there is still huge market for 2.75G EDGE data to drive internet adoption among moderate and first time data users and this initiative would help them in improving customer acquisitions, customer retention and unique data users. The telco is forecasting a 20% increase in its unique data users and data consumption growing by approximately 45% in next 3 months while the Revenue may stay stagnant due to the unlimited offer. The telco is forecasting Data consumption per user per month to go up by approximately 25% to reach approximately 350MB. The realization per GB, however will drop substantially owing to this aggressive offer. Speaking about the same, Arvind Bali, CEO, Videocon Telecom said, “I am sure this industry first initiative will set a precedent for others. Generally while using data, customer has to keep tab on the quota of the bundled data on the pack and the validity, and with average data consumption per user going up, the bundled data on packs tend to get over before validity. With this unique offer, our customers will no longer have to worry about the quota of the data on their pack(s), and they can enjoy the benfit of Unlimited data starting at price point of Rs 9 only. 2.75 G EDGE technology has a limitation over other technologies in terms of speed, but with this power packed initiative, we have somewhat addressed the limitation by offering Unlimited data download” .  Mr Bali added



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