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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Anna Dan Sewa by PNB Prerna

[caption id="attachment_37530" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Smt. Pushpa Kamath, President, PNB Prerna and Sh K R Kamath, CMD PNB serving food to the less privileged at the Anna Dan Sewa held at Saraswath Sanskriti Bhawan, New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. Also seen in the picture are Smt Usha Ananthasubramanian and Smt Renuka, Vice- Presidents, PNB Prerna, Sh Rakesh Sethi, ED, PNB and other members of PNB Prerna, an association of wives of senior management of the bank."][/caption]



For carrying forward the CSR agenda of the Bank and strengthening social ties with the society, PNB PRERNA (an association of the wives of the senior management) takes up CSR activities to bring improvement in the lives of the  needy persons.

PNB Prerna has completed full one year of its existence. On this occasion,           Smt. Pushpa Kamath, President of the Association and Sh. K R Kamath, CMD, PNB served food to the less privileged of the society at Saraswath Sanskriti Bhawan, New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. The Sanskriti Bhavan is surrounded by people who live below the poverty line, and the Samaj has taken up the task of providing one sumptuous meal a week to these poor and distressed people. The Anna Dan Sewa attracted more than 1500 people from the nearby slum areas (especially small children, rickshaw pullers, daily wage employees and family etc) who got benefited from this sewa.



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