Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Anant Purohit a civilian from Bangalore has become a millionaire in 4 hours on PokerDangal platform

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New Delhi,

Anant Purohit, based out of Bengaluru, has won an amount of INR 10 lacs in “Destiny Changer” a tournament recently launched by PokerDangal on their platform. He has set an amazing example by just investing INR 5,500 in it and winning such a great amount in just a matter of few hours.

Mr. Purohit excited over his win expresses “It was a pretty comfortable win. The heads up went on for almost one and a half hour and I started HU with 1:3 in deficit. Because of the prize difference between first and second place, I knew I could not afford to make any mistakes, so before making each decision, I thought twice. Whether it was a raise, a bluff, or even opening ranges, I tried to adjust as much to the ICM. Gradually, I gained the chip lead from the opponent and finally in a standard preflop all-in, I won the tournament. That was one sick grind with only 1st place in mind from the start of the game.”

Talking about the boom in online gaming, he added, “Online gaming has started providing opportunities to the players to enhance our life and entrepreneurship skills.” The concept where gaming was used as a tool for skill-enhancing is an age-old one. With transformation, new tools and means for the same are available to upgrade life and entrepreneurship skills where online gaming is at its heights. Entrepreneurship is a kind of career which requires honing of one’s skills. Whether it be simple attributes like being diligent, persistent, or good at planning strategy, these are all the building blocks needed by any successful entrepreneur. Online games can aptly help you to acquire these skills.


“We at PokerDangal believe in providing a safe, fun and reliable ecosystem to our players where they can exhibit and enhance their skills. Anant’s achievement is a testament to his perseverance and skill and is an example for the other players who want to make it big in Poker. PokerDangal is committed to providing a platform where users can multiply their wealth while having a lot of fun”, commented CEO and Founder, PokerDangal



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