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To have the realness, to have the growth of vision, about the rights and wrongs of life, the churning should be done. After every churning, there is heat and light. The light brings the truth. For that, the questions need to be asked, such as, how it is to be understood, that we are developing? What can be the definition of development? Will it be okay to talk about any definition? Is asking such questions or thinking in this way, creates something negative or will the light be born from this churn? Although, there are factual intelligence, vested interests, practices and will. However, among these, there are many examples of personalities, sacrifices and wisdom, which are the source of light, helping visions to grow, to churn, to effort.

There are the questions that raised for the culture which we are practicing, the holy status of nature, about mountains, rivers etc. The godly status of river Ganga, calling her Maa…the acceptance of her for praise and peace. Questions are also about the facts, realizations, practices and experiences related to Ganga.

The questions are about the logic and science, the relevancy and the claims of this culture, which says that the seed of sustainable development is here. This is need of hour, put forward the torch, which brings enlightenment & real-time source material for betterment.

Hence, here is an upcoming book, on Swami Gyanswroop Sanand. It’s about the journey of a Professor of IIT, Kanpur, then first secretary of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), then about Swami Gyanswaroop Sanand and about the realization also, that he expressed as “I realized that, this need to be done by me; My birth happened for Ganga Ji; I will do it”. He died on 11th, oct., 2018, the 111th day, during his 6th fast for Ganga Ji. This book is to spread the waves coming from his life, from his sacrifice, that should reach amidst people, to pave the path for the enrichment of Ganga Ji, that is sustainable, that goes hand in hand with nature. To pour the light over the misleads spread about the Ganga Ji.

It’s about the factors, for which a teacher, a scientist and an engineer became Sanyasi, turned his life towards Ganga Ji and die for her. It’s about the masks and realities of governance, civil society and religionists we Indians have. It’s about the nature as the medium of energy, which he used during his long fasts. It’s about the way the world is moving.

It’s also about the roles played in his upbringing by his family and his life in Roorkee Engineering College and Banaras Hindu University.

The upcoming book is result of 6 sittings of 26 hours in 2 days conversation between Swami Ji and Mr. Arun Tiwari, a writer on water issues. This conversation had happened originally in Hindi on 110th and 111th day of Swami Ji’s fast for Ganga Ji in 2013.

The English version is under process of translation by Dr. Vineet Tiwari, an Ex-Asstt. Professor ( Physics ), Banasthali University, Rajasthan.


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