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New Delhi,
The announcement of first ten semi finalist’s for ‘Men Universe India 2016 at Gentlemen Club event on 20th February 2016. An evening was hosted to celebrate the same.

Some of the esteemed guests present at the event were Host Poonam Gurbuxani and Smriti Puri, Designer Rohit Bal, Designer Siddhartha Tytler, Designer Joy Mitra, Model Sumit Singh, Designer Jaya Misra, Ketan Bhatia, Sahil Aneja,  Model Donna, Anand and Aditi Kapoor Amit Hansraj Anirudh Birla to name a few.

Shikhar Sidharth ,National Director India – Men Universe Model feels proud to announce the first ten semi finalists at the second edition of Men Universe India 2016. The ten semifinalists were unveiled with a fashion preview by Designers Ashish Soni Dhruv Kapoor Jaya Misra Joy Mitra Kanika Goel Sahil Aneja and Siddhartha Tytler. Kiran gill Men Universe Model 2008 and Sumit Singh Men Universe India 2015 winner walked as the showstoppers.

Men Universe India 2016 is a unique initiative taken by Chic Management Group to search for the Country’s Perfect Man who will represent India at the Men Universe Model 2016 this year to be be held in Puta Cana, Dominican Republic from 5th to 10th July 2016. Men Universe Model, originally called “Mister Universe Model,” is the fourth largest and fourth most prestigious pageant for men in the world.

Sumit Singh, the winner of Men Universe India 2015 represented India at the Men Universe model 2015 held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in June 2015. About 35 countries participated last year and India won the Mister Talent title at the pageant.

“It is the new generation of fashion conscious men. The days of a man’s rolling out of bed, pulling on a pair of worn out jeans and splashing cold water on his face are fast becoming only a memory. New age men are spending as much time and money on their appearance as their female counterparts are. Urged on by clothing manufacturers, hair and tanning salons, body shaping gyms, men’s lifestyle magazines, a new generation of men has embraced a new definition of masculinity. Men Universe India is a unique property launched in India to search the country’s stylish man where in addition to good looks and good body men display exceptional levels of fine dressing, right attitude and a pleasing personality” added by Shikhar Sidharth , National Director India – Men Universe Model.


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