Chennai – : Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin recently expressed opposition to the milk brand Amul in a letter addressed to Home Minister Amit Shah. In his letter, Stalin urged Shah to intervene and instruct Amul to cease procuring milk from Tamil Nadu’s cooperative Aavin. This development follows a similar conflict between Amul and the Nandini brand in the state of Karnataka.

Stalin’s letter highlighted that Amul had previously been selling milk through its centers in Tamil Nadu but has now started sourcing milk from Aavin. The Chief Minister also mentioned that there is information suggesting that Amul has established a chilling center and processing plant in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, utilizing its multi-state cooperative license.

The specific concerns or reasons behind Stalin’s opposition to Amul’s activities in Tamil Nadu were not explicitly mentioned in the available information. It would require further context or updates to understand the full extent of the issue and the motivations behind the Chief Minister’s appeal to the Home Minister.


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