Friday, May 29th, 2020

Amul dominates India’s Most Attractive F&B Brands list with nine brands, of which seven are Category leaders

  F&B draws maximum entrants with 150 brands featuring in India’s 1000 Most Attractive List: TRA Research  Summary

F&B category features 15% of 1000 brands listed in India’s Most Attractive Brands 2018 list published by TRA Research

Nestle, Parle and Patanjali contribute six brands each to the F&B Category


TRA Research’s latest report on India’s Most Attractive Brands Report 2018 (MAB 2018) has listed the country’s Most Attractive 1000 brands by consumer choices across 16 Indian cities. The report has 286 Categories from 34 Super-Categories listed, of which F&B features 150 brands, the largest in any Super-Category keeping in line with last year’s report which listed 156 brands from among F&B. Amul scores highest with nine number of brands featured of which seven are Category leaders. The Coca-Cola Company also features nine brands. This is followed by Hindustan Unilever with seven brands, Nestle, Parle and Patanjali list six brands each. Britannia, Cadbury’s and Pepsico add five brands each from their stable. These nine companies contribute to fifty-nine brands featured in the report.  The study is based on TRA’s proprietary syndicated primary research of Brand Attractiveness conducted with 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 Indian cities.
N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, said, “Amul is engrained in the sub-conscious of India and dominates the F&B Category. To have nine brands in different Categories of F&B of which seven are Category leaders makes it a dominant leader in this segment. Amul leads in Milk, Dairy-Diversified, Butter, Ice-cream/Frozen Dessert, Cheese, Milk Powder and Yogurt Categories.”
Food & Beverage Super-Category has to have a high desire quotient explained Chandramouli, “F&B category always has the largest contribution of brands – making the brands’ Attractiveness Quotients a very important consideration in consumer choices and preferences. Redolent foods make it high to the list with Spices Category leading with thirteen brands, ten tea brands, eight ice-cream brands and seven packaged snacks brands”.



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